Friday Thank you notes

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Friday Thank you notes

Mar 15, 2019 | 04:40 1 Quite a week. But a thought first...cause and effect....keep it mind.

Thank you for the liberal side of the justice committee for shutting it down until budget day.... the cause....and then....

Thank you to the CBC for asking questions about it all day Thursday ....the effect...great press for the liberals....

Thank you to the young liberal MP Francis Druoin for jumping in front of the microphone and then saying Canadians want to move on....maybe a little attention disorder there Frankie????

Thank you for the OECD for noticing Trudeau's corruption....another effect of hiding the Truth...

Thank you to the ethics commissioner for becoming ill ...not that his investigation will find anything...

Thank you for some nice weather...was quite surprised with having water running already although it can't sink into the ground since its frozen 6 feet...

Thank you to Ralph Goodale for making comments as to why the new federal AG minister had to fly over the province....the cause

Thank you to the new Federal AG minister for not setting up her office before her cross country tour...the cause

The effect of the above two is no one is answering phones in liberal phone is being answered....

OR else I am considered one of those annoying calls...the cause I call MPs ..the effect is they don't answer anymore..

Thank you to Trudeau for saying farm fuel will not have the carbon tax on it....the cause...

The effect is he is called a LIAR...because card lock farm fuel is carbon taxed...

Thank you for more forms to be filled out just days before the carbon tax comes into effect for bulk fuel...

Thank you to Jim CARR for saying they are working on the canola issues....too bad he doesn't understand that a 60 day time frame won't cut it...

Thank you for what looks like a nice calving season....And to my bull that jumped a 6 rail fence in April last year...the cause.....I hope someone is enjoying the steaks..and .the effects...4 calves on the coldest days in the coldest february in 80 years..

Thank you to the press for going over every question and answer at Andrew Scheer's town hall....I didn't and still don't know what pizza gate is nor do I care....but I do care that he answered the question about the clinton foundation

Thank you to the press for never asking any liberal to answer the question....well they do say """that's not the issue.."" but liberals keep on the speaking points...

Thank you to the CGC for asking if falling numbers should be part of the grading process....UH..DUH ...isnt it part of international contracts where our grain is sold....It might also put to bed this issue of the seed tax and better ( cough , spit puke) varieties....

Its too bad Canada will be leaderless for 8 years ...we had such opportunity to step it up....

220 days left of Trudeau
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  • SASKFARMER3's Avatar Mar 15, 2019 | 06:07 2 Thank you to Trudeau for killing oil it’s so dirty!

    Thank you to Trudeau for killing peas they taste like shit any ways.

    Thanks to Trudeau for killing pipelines rail movement is so much better for explosions and fireworks could be a nice July .

    Thanks to Trudeau for killing our boarder just walk on over we have free stuff for you.

    Thanks to Trudeau for buying off the media such great coverage for liberals now wonder why.

    Thanks to Trudeau for showing us the Canadian jet can go back and forth to Florida on a dime. Ok $100,000 a trip but hey he’s liberal it’s his dime your dollar.

    Finally thanks to Trudeau for killing canola our one crop that made us money. Ag more than ever is a slogan created by gov and Trudeau and his Goverment killed our industry by being stupid.

    Ah it’s friday one last flea market and driveway party. Reply With Quote
    SASKFARMER3's Avatar Mar 15, 2019 | 06:25 3 Reply With Quote
    Mar 15, 2019 | 11:51 4 Thanks to mother nature for showing the “climatards” whose boss this winter Reply With Quote
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  • Mar 15, 2019 | 12:03 5
    Quote Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
    Thanks Bucket for the steaks !

    Appreciate it !

    Long live Cowboys !
    2300 pound 5 year old bull...hay fed with a pale of oats.....just an absolute stellar specimen but I didn't like him jumping fences... Reply With Quote
    Mar 15, 2019 | 12:08 6 Bucket that’s what dictators do, ( I would do the same ) Reply With Quote