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AI in British Columbia

Mar 26, 2004 | 18:34 1 Avian Infulenza in 5 factory farms in BC all birds are being destroyed. Plus 33 small family flocks all tested negitive for AI but thay are being destroyed as well becouse thay are in the 5 mile zone.
Does this not tell the goverment its the factory birds gentics that is the problem. In breeding plus climate controled enviorment has destroyed the emmune system to the point thay have no emmune system. Any illness will kill them.
A Vet warned them this would happen a few years ago. So why destroy healthy birds just to make the market happy. Some of these family flocks are rare heritage birds. These same birds that will survive while the super birds die off. I am saddened that to keep the masses happy with fast food. The old proven breeds must suffer.
Just my rant on very unjust decisions by our so called experts.
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