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Medical Cannabis Production Opportunities

Aug 27, 2018 | 06:08 1 Looking for new opportunities in Agriculture? Not sure what the next phase of your farm life looks like?
Considering cannabis or hemp production in Canada? U.S? South America? Australia?

https://rebelcannabis.ca Medical Marijuana production offers new income streams for your farm.

Have a greenhouse or grow facility and need a License to cultivate? Obtain contracts to help you from top Canadian Producers! Contact us today...

Looking for a job in a greenhouse? Want the best pay in Agriculture? Lets talk!

We work with Canada's leaders in Cannabis production and have many current opportunities and positions available in Canada and abroad.
If you are in agriculture in a foreign country and looking to enter this market, let our expertise help you!

Contact us at Rebel Cannabis today to discuss these opportunities Rebel@RebelCannabis.ca
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