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Mar 13, 2004 | 10:03 1 Can anyone provide information on Gooseberrys and production. I understand that their are some g**** sized ones out there some where with the eating quality similar to Kiwi Fruit. Thanks Reply With Quote
Mar 18, 2004 | 08:08 2 Yes, there are a number of new varieties with larger size and production. In particular, Invicta, Tixia, and Xenia look good. They are available from McGinnis Berry Nursery in B.C. and I encourage you to visit their website for details: http://www.berrycrops.net/pages/home.htm

Also, Quebec produces an excellent culural guide that is available in English. I believe it is only about $10 and to order contact CPVQ at 418-831-7474 and ask to order "Currant and Gooseberries Culture Guide". The authors are Monique Audette and Michel J. Lareau
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Mar 18, 2004 | 08:37 3 Thanks John. Reply With Quote