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Are the risks of using drones for crop spraying worth the rewards?

May 16, 2018 | 10:00 1 The future of farming and agriculture will be heavily impacted by ongoing efforts to integrate drone-powered technology into all facets of the industry. The growing of food via crop growing is among the oldest and most venerable forms of industry and commerce since civilization’s earliest times.

Today’s modern times have seen an explosion in the use of drone aircraft for the farming and agricultural industries to result in revolutionary impacts on both those in production and the world at large.

Marked efforts to rapidly assimilate drones into agriculture have not only created vast savings for producers via decreased manpower costs and increased efficiency but have also resulted in substantial growths in crop production that can readily accommodate a burgeoning global populace.

The ubiquitous use of drone-powered aircraft has changed the very way we grow our food crops and unarguably provides an abundance of benefits. However, as is the case of any new technology, drones are not without their risks. Despite their major impact on agriculture, the use of drone technology must be carefully considered by those in the farming and agricultural sectors.

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May 16, 2018 | 20:00 2 How many acres are you grain crop spraying in Canada?

Not many I imagine because of the scale and small size of a drone.

I see drones spraying small rice paddies in Japan but don't think the technology is there yet for most farmers. Reply With Quote