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Deer damage

Mar 8, 2004 | 12:31 1 I have some 4 year old apple trees, this winter the deer rubbed the bark off of them can these trees be saved? Reply With Quote
Apr 7, 2004 | 20:13 2 My advice: Shoot the deer next year! Reply With Quote
Apr 12, 2004 | 07:51 3 Your ability to save the apple tree will depend upon the extent of the s deer damage. If the bark has been striped down to the wood more than 50% around the tree trunk than the tops of the tree will die or become very week. If the bark has not been striped down to the wood the cambium layer will repair itself and new bark will grow. My guess is that the bark has totally been removed. Than your option is to start the tree over provided the bark has not been remove down to the graft union. I would suggest that you cut the tree off about knee high. Go lower if required until you have bark all the way around the trunk. New shoots will develop below the pruning cut. Select one of the new shoot preferably near the pruning cut and develop it into a new tree. Remove the extra shoots but you may wish to keep one extra shoot for a time just in case something happens to the main shoot. You will be surprised by the amount of growth that develops and your tree should be in fruit production with in 3 years. You will have to protect the new shoot from deer. Reply With Quote