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Sask Party Cabinet

Feb 5, 2018 | 07:48 1 Five MLAs are entering cabinet, including one who becomes a minister for the first time:

• Gordon Wyant becomes Deputy Premier and Minister of Education;
• Jeremy Harrison becomes Minister of Export and Trade Development and Minister of Immigration and Careers Training;
• Tina Beaudry-Mellor becomes Minister of Advanced Education and Minister responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan, and Status of Women;
• Ken Cheveldayoff becomes Minister of Central Services and Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission and the Provincial Capital Commission;
• Warren Kaeding, becomes Minister of Government Relations and Minister of First Nations, Metis and Northern Affairs.

Two ministers remain in cabinet but change portfolios:
• Bronwyn Eyre becomes Minister of Energy and Resources and Minister responsible for SaskWater and SaskEnergy;
• Christine Tell becomes Minister of Corrections and Policing, and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation.

Ten ministers retain their current cabinet responsibilities:
• Don Morgan remains Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and Minister responsible for Labour Relations and Workplace Safety and Workers’ Compensation Board while adding responsibility for the Global Transportation Hub and SaskTel;
• Donna Harpauer remains Minister of Finance;
• Lyle Stewart remains Minister of Agriculture and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Crop Insurance;
• Jim Reiter remains Minister of Health;
• Dustin Duncan remains Minister of Environment and Minister responsible for the Water Security Agency and SaskPower;
• Greg Ottenbreit remains Minister of Rural and Remote Health;
• David Marit remains Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, and Minister responsible for SaskBuilds and Priority Saskatchewan;
• Joe Hargrave remains Minister of Crown Investments Corporation, and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance;
• Paul Merriman remains Minister of Social Services;
• Gene Makowsky remains Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport, and Minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority while adding responsibility for Tourism Saskatchewan.

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Feb 5, 2018 | 07:56 2 Yup .... Harrison keeps covering up GTH with the export portfolio and Morgan as well..

I am waiting for the announcement of the study into that mess....chances are 50/50 they do shit about it....

That leadership race provided an excuse not to get the budget on do these people in government do ....the sask party is separate from doing your government job... ffs.

What will the ndp leadership delay it as well...

I am not that stupid why do others accept excuses ....blinded by idealogy?
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Feb 5, 2018 | 10:00 3 Spoke to soon...but a forensic audit would mean tappauf would have some explaining to do and how it reflects on the boyd farm....

Question about the a province of 1.1 million all the goods being imported here have been past the largest cities in the country it doesn't make a lot of sense to bring goods to the middle of nowhere and send them back to the cities the goods passed thru getting here....
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Feb 7, 2018 | 08:37 4 A central hub makes every bit of sense if you see the bigger picture, bucket.


Fertile land. Experienced farmers. Land locked. No price setting. No buyer loyalty. No premium for excellence.


1. Farmers start to grow every kind of food imaginable, suited to your own area of the province, t/o Saskatchewan.
2. Farmers identify the markets for their crops & products, and map them. Share production and storage and price stats amongst themselves
3.Farmers team-ship to key locations to cut costs
4. Farmers adopt a common theme that makes Saskatchewan the gourmet food basket of the world.
5. Farmers adopt and use a Federarion of Independent Business model.
6. potatoes in PEI, hemp in Manitoba, maple syrup in Quebec; all are identity products. But what if all crops and products meeting a benchmark had a premiere sask-identity?
7 *local manufacturing and bagging and processing plants, begin to pool shipping... ; farmers could begin negotiating the huge-scale shipping costs.
8. Goodale's new proposed facility along with currrnt centers, provides huge product development opportunity.
farmers love to grow and experiment and expand into new areas. I must say I have never lost my enthusiasm for growing. The world and the opportunities are
so damn exciting, folks.

Just a few observations from a late riser this morning. Pars Reply With Quote
Feb 7, 2018 | 10:59 5 And railways that determine if they want to move the product.....that's not going to change....

I am in a bit of an shitty mood today parsley so I will bite at your comments.....

When will attitudes change?

We have the best crop quality wise in 5 years one wants it a deep discounts....50 percent off one is buying

Doesn't matter if it's durum lentils peas chickpeas etc...

And just to play devils advocate....the silk road will kick our ass....simply because the current governments have zero vision....

450000 tonnes weekly movement and 2.5mmt of boat space out west do the math...

We have taugh the world how to grow while we went backwards....

I am not mad but the reality is Canada has fallen behind....

I agree with your ideas but the farm economy is out a minimum 500 million on lentils that hasn't moved.....

That's not an imaginary loss like bitcoin.'s a real loss on tangible goods.... Reply With Quote
Feb 7, 2018 | 11:34 6 50K farmers are in a better position to negotiate with the railroads than a grain company who fears service-retaliation. Maybe we need to work with the line heading straight south into the USA. Trump would be receptive. The point is to act. Not freeze. Work with the northern natives

Interest rates are going to rise. Inflation will cut in.

The Saskatchewn Govt works, and will work, with you. For you. Quebec worked against you!

Treat allies as friends. Numbers is strength. Strength is a better negotiator.

I'll say this again. If farmers don't run their own grain business, someone else will be more than pleased to run it for you. For a price.
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Feb 7, 2018 | 12:42 7 Parsley

Any questions I have asked government have been met with " I don't know" or a suggestion that comes back to me to solve ....the problem is the problem can only be solved by government intervention ....

An elevator closing meets with little interest from government while the highways get destroyed with a rail line 150 feet parallel to it....

If a railway wants to shitcan a branch line there are protocols to follow....why don't the grain cos have to follow a similar set of rules....BUT ....who is responsible for implementing those rules....the province tells me to call the response is that is the province's responsibility on behalf of Saskatchewan to continue the process.....

My resources are limited ....

Beauracrats will agree with the idea but the conversation ends with great idea and good bye....back to sleep.... Reply With Quote