Happy New Year from down under.

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Happy New Year from down under.

Dec 31, 2017 | 14:35 1 SDG your a kind person thanks alot.

Best wishes to you all, were actually one big happy family and like all we have arguments, long lost cousins drop in occasionally and new members added, such as baby klause.

We all im hoping for is a "normal weather year" and a "normal marketing year" theres a resolution or wish that wont happen like all resolutions.

And spare a thought for michelle crane another year starts for her and her family without chad or cotton as he was known on here.

cheers all a few hours work then time with family doing odd jobs. Its 7am here new years day.

My new thought for this year "tommorow starts today" Reply With Quote
Dec 31, 2017 | 14:39 2 Holy cow theyve upped the forecast , effing sunny alright

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Dec 31, 2017 | 14:45 3 Sunny here too mallee which makes the -35 deceiving. Forecast is saying 0* later in the week which would be frickin awesome. Normal markets and weather would be great but appears elusive here too.

Enjoy the New Year and let's hope it's better than the last few.

Cheers🍻 Reply With Quote
Dec 31, 2017 | 15:24 4 I heard A4A got tired of the cold and hopped a flight to Cancun for a few days. Tuffin up!😹 Reply With Quote