US Tax Bill

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US Tax Bill

Klause's Avatar Dec 24, 2017 | 12:43 1 Nobody talking about this?

Even CBC is realizing the potential this can have.

Now we just need the end of NAFTA and hello 30s. Reply With Quote
Dec 24, 2017 | 14:28 2 I heard Trump announced the tax cuts without shedding a single tear! Jerk!
You know Trudeau would be in full sob if he was announcing any tax cuts....LOL Reply With Quote
Dec 24, 2017 | 14:54 3 Tax cuts would cause the lieberals a lot of pain. I think NAFTA is done. The US wants more access to the dairy market and that is a sacred cow. The US is in the right here after that ultrafiltered milk incident from about a year ago. So bottom line is both Canada and Mexico want to ship more to the US and the US would like to export more here, so I don't see any way of this working. The US benefits from trade protectionism so it is in their interests to tear it up. Reply With Quote
Dec 24, 2017 | 21:34 4 Everyone is talking about how awesome it is going to be to legally get high in 6 months time.

Not too many talking about economy - that hurts their brain.

And the only big question on everyone's mind in 6 months will be, where are the Dorito's? Reply With Quote
Dec 25, 2017 | 09:34 5 If they don't care out the economy now,,,they'll care even less after 6 months time.

Don't worry though, the dope tax will pay for it all. Reply With Quote
Dec 25, 2017 | 15:03 6 This is the first challenge of keynesian theory that govt spending is more effective then tax cuts. I'll put $50 that the cuts outperform all the previous QE combined. This'll likely decimate the rest of the world economically. Reply With Quote
SASKFARMER3's Avatar Dec 25, 2017 | 15:08 7 Agree the tax cuts even the celebrities wil like. Canada will be Mexico #2 without the good weather and beaches way to go sock boy. Carbon tax starts in 6 days thank a Liberal. Reply With Quote
Dec 25, 2017 | 15:29 8 Reply With Quote
Dec 25, 2017 | 15:42 9
Quote Originally Posted by perfecho View Post
Yea. Were a lot better off with this trust fund baby . Just smoke a little pot and let the budget balance itself other than bombardier has he helped anything in your neck of the woods ? People in canada have lost their minds . Hey man , its all good , pass the doritoes Reply With Quote
Dec 25, 2017 | 17:47 10 What caused the 1985 high in USD? Tax cuts ... this will hurt the rest of the world while USA thrives as capital seeks the lowest possible tax rate. Check mate. Reply With Quote
Dec 25, 2017 | 18:09 11 US companies and former US companies are expected to return 4,000,000,000,000.00 in off shore and 3rd world country investments with a much more favorable tax regime in the U.S.A. Reply With Quote
Dec 26, 2017 | 18:01 12 So is every country that has lower tax rates instantly a winner? I found a list of the top 17 lowest tax countries from 2015. Canada was in there at #16. The real low taxers are generally the middle east countries of course because they are sitting on top of the worlds largest and easiest to access oil reserves. Other than that though there are Namibia, Cambodia, Zambia, Armenia, Croatia, Georgia, Lesotho and Macedonia on the list. Maybe Trump will "Make America Great Again" - like Lesotho or Cambodia? Reply With Quote
Dec 26, 2017 | 19:15 13 So were we on the list because the west is a low cost a low cost energy producer like the Arabs.

Bad for the image?

I bet Justin can fix that and get in there with the much higher taxed economies.

It is obviously stupid to capitalize on a natural advantage when we have this great opportunity to look like Boy Scouts.

How do I sign up for that new separatist movement? Reply With Quote
Dec 26, 2017 | 21:05 14 The US immigration policy is proactive to those who have capital and have a plan to create jobs: capital has never had borders. Reply With Quote
Dec 26, 2017 | 22:28 15 Which is why Brandt is heading south .....

There should be more announcements in the new year... Reply With Quote