Argh-Xmas shopping Spirit

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Argh-Xmas shopping Spirit

Dec 22, 2017 | 20:57 1 Pretty much wrapped up, but

2 kinda big ticket items, paid for in advance, salesman said delivery before Christmas. Later I get a message delivery a month to 6 weeks later.
Operating on my money. Ho Ho Ho. Reply With Quote
farmaholic's Avatar Dec 23, 2017 | 05:55 2 That sucks.

The older I get the more patience it seems I am getting. Age must mellow.

Now that the kids are grown...."gift" giving has turned to mindless gift what you want. What's the point of buying something off a list...where's the element of surprise in that? And the dangers of not buying from a list is them not liking or wanting what you got them....I stopped setting myself up for that a while ago....two less disappointed people that way, LOL.

Commercialized nonsense. In that sense, everyday is Xmas for a lot of people. Reply With Quote