Bit of drama yesterday all safe and well

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Bit of drama yesterday all safe and well

Dec 22, 2017 | 13:58 1 Under control about 10 ha stubble burnt and 15 ha scrub, and 20 ha of nieghbours stubble will go out and check again this am and put up another pic or two. Farmers came from far and wide with fire units and fire brigade got the about 20 minutes after that

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Dec 22, 2017 | 14:32 2 Yikes! are you sure there isn't a combine or at least a few old tractor tires in there somewhere too? Reply With Quote
Dec 22, 2017 | 14:51 3 Nope scrub fires ecualyptus kind sweat out a oil when burnt making it even worse Reply With Quote
SASKFARMER3's Avatar Dec 22, 2017 | 16:35 4 Lucky, Every thing is dangerous in Australia.

Have a merry Christmas. Reply With Quote
Dec 22, 2017 | 16:47 5 Cause was someone boiling snails? Reply With Quote
Dec 22, 2017 | 18:40 6 Luckily, have never had a full on fire at harvest.

We have gone and helped at a couple of neighbor's fields.

I can imagine at 40c and with a wind it would be pretty tough getting under control.

The firefighters here use leafblowers and blow against the direction of travel of the fire. Works really well. Reply With Quote
Dec 22, 2017 | 18:53 7 Some have water injection on the blower Reply With Quote
Dec 22, 2017 | 19:06 8 A farmer and his son helping out.

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Dec 22, 2017 | 19:10 9 combines long gone out of this paddock.
started by a ute Reply With Quote
Dec 22, 2017 | 20:40 10 I have never had a harvest fire but a few after harvest and spring. When one gets going it can sure create a lot of panic and you run like crazy to try and stop it before it gets far. Usually by the time the fire is out you are almost ready to lay down in a ditch to drink water.

I remember one hot and windy fall day the neighbor's hired man harrowed a quarter and when he got done he lifted the harrows dumped the straw out then pulled the tractor ahead jumped out walked back and light the pile of straw on fire. That burned up about three quarters of straw and a bit of red clover before it was stopped. Reply With Quote