ABC News Suspends Brian Ross for 4 Weeks

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ABC News Suspends Brian Ross for 4 Weeks

Dec 2, 2017 | 17:44 1 That's what reporters get, for horse shit journalism and the damn fucking lies in trying to mislead Americans and any others paying attention to the news.

Fucking lies from the MainStreamMedia, yellow journalism at it's finest. Imagine how bad this is, to get suspended from a left leaning news outlet!

This isn't the first time this leftist news manipulator misled the people. At the time of the Aurora theatre shooting he tried to tell everyone that the crime was commented by a teaparty person when it was actually done by a guy with leftist affiliations. Reply With Quote
Dec 2, 2017 | 17:53 2 Stefan Molyneux explains in youtube video, Reply With Quote
Dec 3, 2017 | 09:57 3 Is a 4 week suspension enough for this left leaning ABC journalist?
He's been busted with Fake News broadcasting before.

His Fake News caused a big stir in markets and other news outlets repeated his claims without any analysis of their own. Reply With Quote
SASKFARMER3's Avatar Dec 3, 2017 | 10:18 4 A True media outlet would of fired his sorry ass. That shows the public the correct answer.

Report the news not make news stories up. Reply With Quote
Dec 3, 2017 | 10:23 5 Should b fired period or demoted at least Reply With Quote