End of the Week Thursday Report.

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End of the Week Thursday Report.

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Well it warmed up a little bit this week, a lot of the snow on the south side of the valley is gone. We still have snow but it really dropped lots on Monday and Tuesday.

RB Auctions held their Saskatoon sale and well lets just say somedays you wake up and realize that your equipment is actually worth less than you thought and the guys buying 36 new combines probably at the end of their lease owe way more than their worth. See it seems the Big dogs have forgot one part of the equipment puzzel you need a sucker, sorry buyer all way down to about the third trade. Not in todays world why give a local guy a deal take it to the auction and blow it out.

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Yesterday the Coop upgraders power was out so as a precaution the flares burn off the trapped gasses and it was a awesome sight. All the flares were going.

Now this week our Federal leader was crying again. Nothing new he can turn it on with a switch of the hand. To bad nothing actually gets done. Oh yes they did spend 5.6 million on a outdoor rink that you cant play hockey on or sip coffee or horse around. Yea typical liberal look and only for us and don't touch. Heres your helmet. I guess they are really trying hard and get a star for talking to India about the problem with the tariff. Feds Issue Statement Regarding Pulse Exports To India
“The Government of Canada is deeply concerned and disappointed with the recent regulatory and tariff decisions made by the Government of India affecting Canadian pulse trade," said a statement issued by the federal gov't on Wednesday.
“We have been steadfast in our efforts to find a mutually acceptable way forward with the Government of India to provide stable, sustainable access for Canadian pulse exports to India.
“In addition to efforts by Government of Canada senior officials to seek a long-term solution, we have also been actively engaged with our counterparts directly, most recently during the Government of Canada’s mission to India by Ministers Champagne, Bains, and Garneau. Despite these efforts, progress has stalled and a solution to this important issue remains elusive.

Blah Blah Blah.

Provincially what the hell was Chevy doing answering a survey about abortion. Boom shoot your self in the foot. Your done. Hook line and sinker, Its done it was passed by ottawa and its over move on. Quickest way to end a carrier is to fall into that trap.

Big report next week. Stats Canada and the size of the crop thats 4 months old but its done before Christmas to give farmers a reality on what happens to prices after this report. More next week.
Statistics Canada widely expected to raise the canola production number in its final survey results of the year on Dec. 6. The government agency last pegged the crop at 19.7 million tonnes, but average trade guesses are topping 20 million, with some as high as 21.5 million.

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Finally who else is not happy with the Bayer drop the good product and keep the shit and give the good product to the worst company in North America. Got our rebate from the new owners and bought 6 - 24 packs of Molson Canadian but got 6 NHL collector glasses wow i won big time.

Duponts deal is no better but its done and Business wins farmers lose but according to the competition bureau all is good here is their check.

Stay off the lakes the ice is thin, but watch people will be out in force why is all i ask.

Sign in the ditch to the lake stop the drainage of Quill lakes help save the Q valley. Ah lets let that soak in as without rain it turns into a swamp.

Deer season opened a week ago and wow people must be starving because never seen so many guys driving around shooting in along time. Even the tin deer set up in a posted field gets shot at just about every day. Wow some hunters.

Have a great week if i forgot some thing add or discuss, have a safe week.

Oh Toronto won the Grey Cup in the Snow bowl. Congratulations. Calgary Choked again. Reply With Quote
SASKFARMER3's Avatar Nov 30, 2017 | 08:04 2 Oh the big one Every Slimy Liberal in the USA that Took pleasure in Calling out Trump during the Campaign as a Pussy Grabber are getting exposed for who they really are. Matt Lauer Flushed his carrier down the toilet this week.

Who's next Opra and Gail. Funny how all these respectable journalists and commentators are really just scum bags. Go figure.

Oh our Province has a lower debt by $6,000000.00 no civil servant cuts needed. Well at least were trying to do something Alberta had a credit rating lowering again and they cant blame oil any more its all Nut Case.

Devine gets a Lake.

Roy gets a Lab. Reply With Quote
Nov 30, 2017 | 09:01 3 Justin pigeonholed himself. I told my wife the day of the LGBQT2 apology that Justin had to cry, or else it lack the importance of the other apologies. I was right Expect many more sobbing sessions over the next few years. We have much to be embarrassed and sad about. Reply With Quote
Nov 30, 2017 | 09:02 4 Justin also doubled down on the 2 spirited thing. Apology to two groups at once. Very clever.. Reply With Quote
Nov 30, 2017 | 10:09 5 SK3: Throughout August you were adamant that canola was only half a crop. In September I remember you claiming that 16.5 would be the top for canola production. You called out Stats Canada and the trade for their crop estimates. And on September 21 you wrote: "Canola the bin breaker that has mountains of Canola all over the west stuffed into every single old shed granary or bag. HA HAH HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH." Yet it appears now that the stats Can estimate you laughed at was low and will be revised higher and the trade estimates even higher. These production numbers would be the largest canola crop ever in Canada. Appears your doom and gloom reports were totally wrong. What happened? Reply With Quote
Nov 30, 2017 | 10:26 6 Canola-Carry and basis moving in opposite directions. Something's gotta give Reply With Quote
Nov 30, 2017 | 14:14 7 dmlfarmer, same the world over i reckon farmers as a whole are getting better and better at producing crops on less rain and less than desirable conditions.

australia was looking like a basket case mid july but crops hung on some late rains and bingo we will be just under average it seems.

have freinds who were at the point of putting livestock in crops, they didnt it rained there harvesting.

have a tops day guys Reply With Quote
SASKFARMER3's Avatar Dec 1, 2017 | 07:55 8 dml you dont really farm do you.

I for one said i was surprised at how a crop could grow with virtually only two rains.

But we were so flooded for years that the perfect summer actually finally happened and moisture finally disaepasred.

You maybe had a wet year or two in your area but nothing like our area seen for the boom years. We had no Boom as playing in Mud was a way of life.

But that was normal some of you said.

Yes i Still think their is a lower number for Canola than what will be said. Manitoba cut back on Canola, Sask seeded the same and the new frontier in Canada did not produce like it had in the past 15 years. The Traditional areas produced a normal good crop. Then you have the Alberta Crop.

But the trade like to say it was big keep prices down. Thats a Fact You cant grow your self out of a problem like some believe.

Next year scares the shit out of me as I believe it will be Wall to Wall Canola as BTOs cant cash flow with a normal Rotation.

The number will be mind blowing for seeded acreage.

That won't help so Maybe the final nail for Canola is the Crop of 2018. Reply With Quote
Dec 1, 2017 | 08:03 9 In the south we are bone dry, our main cash crops lentils and peas are going to be the shits for the foreseeable future. Canola won’t do good growing in powder. Doesn’t leave many options.
I’m guessing durum acres will rocket, and in the north wheat will go up.
I’m open to offers for cash rent starting at $125 ac. Reply With Quote
SASKFARMER3's Avatar Dec 1, 2017 | 08:06 10 If you find a guy on the $125.00 Send him north I Think retirement would be in the cards. Thats Shift to neutral and ride out the storm.

Just how does a guy get a guarantee on the Rent. Banks are in first place if the shit hits the fan.

I agree Durum will be wall to wall in south lower cost to grow drop the disease and seed treatments and let it buck.

Mustard might make a come back. Or Lentils and hope for good spring rain. Reply With Quote