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Useless Canadian Grain companies

blackpowder's Avatar Nov 2, 2017 | 21:14 91 With the current price likely you could buy someone elses to fill or get out of contract. Honestly, no one sold any wheat at $9?? You dont know by July 4 you wont get half a crop? Okay, your in the Special Areas and may get 10 bushels. Sell some paper. I know its not that simple ordinarily but $8-$9???
No one should have too much unsold wheat this year. We need to stop blaming someone else.

The post was started about px spreads etc. Tricky one that screwjob is I agree. Knowing for sure your gonna get good px impossible. I dunno, seems wheat getting simpler actually. Mid grades/classes and bushels. I notice the new terminal built close by has 2 wheat bins with a few small blending bins. Pounding out southbound trains. Reply With Quote
farmaholic's Avatar Nov 2, 2017 | 21:28 92 As I mentioned much earlier in this thread BP....I was expecting our Px levels to be in the stratosphere. ....13.1 to 13.7 is where we're at, I was expecting 15 plus plus plus.

I remember selling wheat with Px levels almost a full point above 15.5 and only being paid for about 15%

Or "#3" durum way above the highest point they pay at...13% px. That was even a CWB issue >:-( talk about giving away value.

Edit: funny, when I buy an auto or piece of machinery with an option installed I don't want I still have to pay for it!
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Nov 3, 2017 | 09:47 93
Quote Originally Posted by farmaholic View Post
Ok then.... every farmer just blow out your grain and hope the prices go up.... Come on Kinger...
Haul your grain early but get to stay in the market top hopefully maximize profit.

Say you sell some grain you had and attatched a call to it.

Your worst case scenario is you lose the value of the call option from your contracted price. But it lets you stay in the market and participate if the market goes up while minimizing the risk of the price going down by already selling your grain.

Or hey if you think the market will go down use a put. You have options.

Sitting with grain can work as you can get upside on both futures and basis but at the same time you are open to downside risk on both.

Every situation is different, and I wouldn't recommend selling every bushel you had and attaching calls.

But if the tool fits use it. Pretty sure Shakespeare said that. Or Steve Carrell. 50/50 either way

If your comfortable with them that is ok too, it's a risk many aren't willing to take. But I would recommend learning more regarding them. Reply With Quote
SASKFARMER3's Avatar Nov 3, 2017 | 21:33 94 A few I know have been shopping same samples around province and yea their are a difference of over a full point in same sample. Two places were the same. Highest by USA border
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Nov 21, 2017 | 18:29 95 I guess the Wheat wasn't so bad after all, pity Harper sold it to American and Saudi interests for pennies on the dollar for a last minute fudge it budget in attempt to cling to power. This including a lot of assets that farmers paid for over the years including the rail cars that the railways now put on the back burner because its more lucrative to move oil and gas. It also include grain elevators large port facilities and freighters as well believe. Would be surprised to see Harper sitting on some of these boards, collecting as healthy fee, soon given the expensive gifts he gave away. Reply With Quote
blackpowder's Avatar Nov 21, 2017 | 18:57 96 Glad to see nobody is taking that knuckleheads' pro _ _ _ bait. Reply With Quote
Nov 26, 2017 | 11:11 97 Well magura, I'd gladly take a tearful apology from our pm and a big cash settlement for the Harper mistakes if you can arrange it. Won't hold my breath tho. Reply With Quote