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Joel Salatin

Oct 1, 2017 | 22:11 1

This is a great ted talk by an accomplished agricultural writer. He has several interviews and presentations online.

He argues that the "food police" want to make it impossible for people to choose how and what they eat. Cloaked by the facade of food safety requirements, big business is trying to take away our legal right to purchase food from a neighbour, from a farmers market, ect.

Salatin is a libertarian that believes in individuals rights. He's not against corporations like Tyson's, Monsanto or big AG in general but he feel the slow strangling grip of their power taking away from the individuals rights and ability to make sound decisions. He speaks of a society thats been brainwashed into thinking that food from a box laced with preservatives, plopped into the microwave is normal food.

I'm interested to hear peoples thoughts on this guy and his message? Reply With Quote