Test Will SK PST apply to crop insurance premiums and vehicle insurance (at 6% remember) Test

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Will SK PST apply to crop insurance premiums and vehicle insurance (at 6% remember)

Mar 25, 2017 | 06:25 31 I especially like the reported reason that gas prices in Regina went up 6 cents a liter to adjust for the new 6% PST.

[B]Now any business man knows that pump prices already have 5% PST built in to the gas and dieselprices...so its a pretty big stretch to argue that the retailers need more than 6% to adjust for the 1% PST extra that will affect that business.

Smoke and mirrors and price gouging because it can all be done so easily.[B] Reply With Quote
Mar 25, 2017 | 07:38 32 Isn't that true. Now tell me that isn't going to cost us farmers a hell of alot more than what it is being said.

Outstanding though for me!! Reply With Quote
Mar 25, 2017 | 08:25 33 Take a look at the economic overview of Sask. Link is below.

Agriculture and forestry are 6% of the GDP while mining and petroleum are 21%. Wall chose to trim the deficit with a greater impact on farmers and consumers through PST increases.

Why was there no increase in royalties for oil and minerals that are mostly owned by the people of Saskatchewan? While $50 oil seems low compared to $100 oil it is still profitable,especially in the long term, and especially in Saskatchewan where it is cheaper to produce. Oil companies and potash companies are still investing in Saskatchewan. They are figuring out how to cut costs and get more efficient. The boom drove up costs and now they are coming back to reality.

There was a alot of money made by companies and individuals during the oil boom. Where has it all gone?

We could have taken and still take a bigger share of these commodities for the long term benefit of all Saskatchewan people. But instead Wall taxes low income people more with higher consumption taxes than high income people and makes farmers reduce the deficit more than other larger sectors.

Perhaps some of you long term supporters should be raising this with your MLA and Premier. Perhaps the Premier is a little too close to the oil industry. He knows he can count on farmers votes no matter what.

We are a resource rich Province with a small population. We should be very well off as a whole. We should be able to have a balanced budget with careful management and our fair share of royalties. It is just a mater of priorities. Reply With Quote
Mar 25, 2017 | 08:38 34 The relief in fuel taxes, be it gasoline or diesel fuel, were to give consideration for fuel used in the field.
Who the hell really uses gasoline tandems and 3-tons to haul grain any more!!! ?

Why would anyone think that driving to the city to pickup parts or driving to the football game with tickets the farm paid for, would warrant tax free fuel, while driving down the highways?

Give your heads a shake, this should have happened years ago, probably should have happened when times were good. Reply With Quote
Mar 25, 2017 | 08:46 35 Klaus

You moved to Sask and the taxes followed you, it just got deferred by a couple of years! Now we got a PC government claiming they are going to to make changes. Have to wait and see on that one, as Brian likes Costa Rica two months out of the year! Reply With Quote
Mar 25, 2017 | 16:36 36 Yep thanks ndp, 17 years of running deficits and now another party has to clean up their mess. And you wonder why taxes may have to get raised in mb.? crawl back into your lefty socialist hole. Reply With Quote
Mar 25, 2017 | 21:06 37 You have to give credit to some posters on here, they're able to bring into mix the Mb NDP, while we're posting about how the Sask Party raises taxes in Sk. I guess in their simple mind they have been able to convince themselves that somehow the MB. NDP are responsible for the Sk tax increases. It must be hard walking around all day blaming everybody else for their sort comings. Very sad!! Reply With Quote
Mar 26, 2017 | 11:03 38 Gas is 89.9 again in Regina. Guess the PST was on already. Reply With Quote
Mar 26, 2017 | 11:22 39 I dont think they needed to go this hard on the taxes, maybe could have cut some crown pensions and wages more. I understand the reasons for taxing but when we as farmers cannot pass on any added costs and I know damn well if other businesses get taxed more it gets passed onto us. The govt needs to spend our money better if they are taking it from us. Just add up all the extra costs on your farm. I would welcome giving some other party a chance after all the shady deals the Saskparty has done lately. Reply With Quote