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Jan 19, 2004 | 15:34 1 Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase an incubator in Manitoba, preferably a new one. I can`t find any business that sells them. Any help would be appreciated. Reply With Quote
Feb 7, 2004 | 07:18 2 Hi Buff:
A friend of mine in Winnipeg. went to Steinbeck Hatchery in Steinbeck just out side of Winnipeg.
The forced air Hova Bator works great for hatches under 50 eggs. the auto turner is ok if you are not around to turn the eggs twice a day. Hatching is so much fun.
Hope this helps
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Mar 1, 2004 | 11:56 3 Hi Buff,
I bought a Hova-bator incubator from Berg's Hatchery at Russell, MB. I have an air circulation one and a still air one. Good luck.
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