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Oct 29, 2016 | 10:39 1 somebody go ahead and blast the shit out of this.

so most know we have got a real problem here,pretty sure its 4500$ per person per year,right?

so you get sick,goto the doctor the doctor charges like 300 or something for the visit,right?

and you get prescribed penicillin/similar every time right?

so the little flue bug going around the house,costs well lots to the system

so why in hells name can't we buy penicillin of the shelf

wtf is going on here

i really think i could fix health care in one day

did you know healthcare is over twice the size of the military complex now in the states Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 10:59 2 you know whats really funny..sugar

my wife follows the nuts on fb and now its the anti-christ

and you say what is sugar

and they don't know

well food babe its 50%glucose50%fructose

and then you have to go through the process of explaining glucose fructose metabolism

and they are deer in the headlights,the so called experts know literally nothing

then you spit out an advanced question like the roll of chromium and vanadium and insulin(diabetes is pretty serious problem and cost to the system)

and they never bothered to read or think about it!!!!!!

the so called professionals don't actually read shit,its unbelievable

if you give a shit about this read what a diabetic diet was in the 30"s compared to now,some smart german guy figured this shit out a hundred years ago and now we just ignore it.totally insane Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 13:08 3 Dr. visits are very reasonably priced, most in the range of $32 - $80. I understand the necessity for being trained when prescribing any and all drugs, but my peeve is when you have annual tests, many doctors want you to come into their office to get the results. I feel that the results should be accessible without medicare (maybe on internet or automatically sent out from the lab) incurring the cost of another Dr visit. This year, the very day that I went to the lab for my annual check-up, my Dr phoned me before 3:00 to tell me that I had a minor infection and that he faxed a prescription into the pharmacy for me. Now, that's awesome service from someone who knows he is appreciated. A lot of outcomes are in our own hands. That being said, there are many medical costs incurred by medicare for certain groups of people who overuse the system. You just have to walk into hospital emergency waiting rooms. I wouldn't disagree with a user fee, but you know how politically volatile that idea would be.

Most specialists have university-trained for at least eleven years and many have specialized with additional years of fellowships to hone more specific skills. (Very expensive training, to say the least). Furthermore, in Canada, medical school has been darn near impossible to get into - Try 90% averages throughout your high school and several years of very long shifts, not 7:00 to 7:00, but up to 36 hours. Foreign countries medical training-I am not familiar with. That is why I am confident that I am offered superior care! Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 16:11 4 Health care seems to be designed to maximize cost. I was in for a drivers medical (which I paid a fee for) and needed a prescription renewal. Was told that they were not supposed to do both in the same visit. There are definitely ways to reduce cost but little motivation yet. Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 16:14 5 and tums for heart burn,your stomach is less then 2ph and they want to raise it lol,drink sum pickle juice by lowering your stomach ph and the reflux goes away,wow Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 16:32 6 we just lost a younger girl in our community to pancreatic cancer,didn't know her to well know her family better

you know why the mortality rate of that type is so high-its the god damn enzyme trypsin that the pancreas shits out,you loose your pancreas your fucked,thats why diabetics are 300% more likely to get cancer and keel over-thats insulin/fat people stuff

this work was done like 100 years ago

remember this iis the truth-the cure to scurvy was found 200 years before it was accepted,millions died

this shit is simple and we are in the stone age Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 17:08 7 Cotton as Sf3 says follow the money. They can't make money if they cure you. Just like cancer. They will never fix it. Imagine the people out of work if u do the right thing and actually help people. U wonder why our infrastructure is the shits. Its cause health care costs way more than they tell u and theyhave to use the money from other sectors to make it function. Look who uses our healthcare system the most and who pays for it. Single payer is the only way u fix this bullshit. Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 17:12 8 why can you get cancer everywhere from anything,smoking/lung,drinking/liver,skin/sun,radiation/everywhere

cancer is not a disease its your body trying to heal itself ,thats why it grows out of control,its your fuckin stem cells aka trophoblast cells,the ones that can replicate anything

but they need a control mechanism and thats called trypsin,it turns them off

mother nature in her greatness (thank god i don't have to explain this to you guys)put it into the seeds of fruit.

its an enzyme,its chemical,its trophoblast theory,its the way it works,its mother nature keeping the balance,she always has she always will.

and one in 2 here all get cancer-thats the rate Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 17:15 9 Sea.totally agree Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 17:41 10 lost my father to prostrate cancer.
went in for a routine back operation fusing of 2 lower discs at age of 68.
was to be in hospital for from memory 5 days preop blood test found blood abnormalities so more tests turns out he had early stages of prostrate cancer.

He and 4 other of his war veteran mates basically had same doctor in repat hospital for veterans they all got diagnosed within about 4 months of each other.

I was with him on one of his visits to specialist and remember it clearly, the doc said to him best way to halt the cancer "naturally" is remove your crown jewels, so he got testes removed and the same deal got offered to his 4 mates they all said no way. They all passed away within 2 years he went for 10. He had some sort of hormone replacement therapy.

The other thing the cancer doc asked was how good is your sex life he was sort of stunned and said im 68 doesnt happen. The doc then said to me young fella make sure you have a good sex life even at old age keeps everything good downstairs and cleaned out for want of a better word. If its all functioning as it should lessens the prostrate cancer risk by about 80%.

Anyway to finish the story dad had regular cancer tests every 6 months and cancer test always came back low never eradicated went for what was his last test the doc said the cancer has blown out and its back he was suffering no ill effects and they said youve only at most 18 months to live he lasted 6 worked on the farm 6 days before his passing wasnt gonna die in any god damn hospital he said.

One of his comments to me was "when i got shot down over the baltic sea by the jerrys and parachuted out i had a chance with this i have zero unfortunately"

geez ive been busy on this forum this morning. Guess i will catch some of you in august 17 have a wedding in calgary kind of 80% sure we will get there. Guess i will hire a pick up and head one way my wife has freinds there as well she may go another and we will join back up 3 weeks later not quite sure how its all gonna pan out yet. Guess one of you on here will be so kind as to cook me a pancake and offer me a beer if im passing Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 17:42 11 Any time you take a cooking oil past its burning point it turns it into pure poison,saturated poly,moly different burn temps

so basically what this does is a breaking off the chemical bonds and creates something called a free radical,i think its an oxygen atom without an electron,and this shit fucks everything up,its oxidization the reason steel turns to rust,sticks to anything,fuck up your heart valves and you croak,kfc has killed lots of people,maybe more then hitler.

but you got this other stuff in your body which is an antioxidant ,called glutithione,it removes this shit because its positively charged or something can't remember and it is like 5000x more powerful then any oral stuff you here about vitamin c,blueberries,yadda,yadda,ya ya babbling babbling but i feel like it

don't eat fried food if you want to be healthy

the medical guys know shit about this

i fuckin dare you guys,next time you see your md ask him if :with the discovery of leptin should body fat be apart of the endocrine system>and thats all mine Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 18:04 12 Was down in the deep south somewhere. Walked into a chicken joint and their slogan was "If the Colonel had our recipe he would be General!"

You want the cure to cancer stop fricken eating and go on an all vegatable juice diet, no solids and minimize sugar. Beats, carrots, swiss chard, celery, some tumeric root, ginger root a little garlic. Cancer and even type 2 diabetes will be gone so fricken quick. Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 18:07 13 That sucks Malle,caught a dose of brain tumour 15 or so years ago,next year they said it was still growing i said fuck you walked out never been back,sure fuckin hurts sometimes,the 24/7 365 900hz tinitus gets old quick,also seems to gobble up all my blood glucose

thats why i went down this path

please guys buy some Himalayan salt Reply With Quote
farmaholic's Avatar Oct 29, 2016 | 18:54 14 Based on nothing but disbelief.....I find it amazingly hard to believe there is a "cure" for cancer that is being withheld.

How about prevention! Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 19:08 15 Sounds yucky biglentil! Lol Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 19:18 16 Farm,its a symptom .how can you get it everywhere.

Its called chronic metabolic.

a doctor knows zero about chronic metabolic,what they treat is viral and accident,break your arm type stuff.

chronic metobolic is not what they do

its like the biggest lie ever told and nobody seems to see the truth,its literally insane Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 19:29 17 heres one all the fuckin kids and yahoos banging the donation plates together for breast cancer

did anyone bother to look at the mineral selenium

well actually some did,not me,a different real old smart farm boy,sued the fuckin fda,proved it on paper fuckin won

nobody can go toe to toe with this guy,he won he did it and nobly cares......nobel prize nominee nobody cares...epigentics the future...nobody cares,its just so weird to me Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 19:46 18 Its almost like the new stadium in regina,ya we can't of afford it but if we go that route at least put a roof on it,totally insane,I'm the dumbest fucker in the world or the smartest Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 20:57 19 Short story on beets the molecule is virtually indistinguishable to that of hemogloben. A large oral dose is effectively equivalent to a blood transfusion. Doctors had my wife scheduled for a blood transfusion after a tough child birth. Her platelet count had dropped to dangerously low levels and they were scared to pull her epideral. I gave her 500ml of fresh beet juice from our garden got them to redo blood work in the morning. Blew the hemotologist away, he could not believe it he cancelled the transfusion her blood was back to normal.

Competitive cyclists are now turning to beet juice before the tour de France. Researchers have found a 3% improvement in the racers times similar to blood doping.

Quote by Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
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farmaholic's Avatar Oct 29, 2016 | 21:10 20 Cotton....has there ever been a time in human evolution that the human body has been subjected to as much change as it has in such a short period of time? Maybe many times more change than the body could ever evolve fast enough. Huge environmental changes and the kinds of foods we consume.

Ever notice how much taller some people get these days? Hormones, antibiotics and chemical? Much more diversified diet? Or the fact today's kids don't burn calories working or being active, so instead of being stout and robust they seem to get tall and gangly?

Lots to think about
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Oct 29, 2016 | 21:51 21 re brain tumour had a freind in his late 30s just constant headaches nobody in medical fratenity knew why.
he went to a iridology clinic within 3 hours they decided he had a brain tumour.

Then the strange part took him a further i think 2 weeks before anyone in mainstream medical would look give him a referal or even believe him.

Finally he got tests and scans and was proven diagnosis except they said it was inoperable. He went back to iridologist and he got sent to a non conforming cancer specialist meaning his methods were laughed at.

So he went with alternate treatment got he said "microwaved" apparently different than radiation treatment the some sort of beta glucan or gluten in massive massive doses for about a year, changed his diet, think lots of vegtable juice and vitamin c as well.

well hes still here cancer free. Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 21:54 22 Somehow we have to start thinking about our health the same way we think about a big screen TV, latest gadgets, home reno's, cars, trucks, toys vacations etc. As an investment in our quality of life, rather than an expense to be avoided at all costs. It never ceases to amaze me what items people will readily spend their money, or the banks money on, but the mere mention of a cost for preserving or repairing their health, and therefore quality of life is unthinkable. We have it entirely backwards. I don't know what it would take to change our perspective on this.

I just read the secret war on cancer. We knew a lot about what causes cancer a long time before it was admitted. In most cases money talking was the issue, in others, it was who knew it, example, the Nazis did a lot of research that the rest of the world didn't want to acknowledge.

If it were up to me, halt all research into curing cancer, and pour all those resources into finding/acknowledging the causes and prevention, then turn out attention back to treating the remaining disease in a fraction of the number of people.

My wife is the healthiest person I know. She knows what to eat, why, when, in what combinations, and what orders and how it should be cooked or not. Looks half her age. Reply With Quote
Oct 29, 2016 | 22:19 23
Quote Originally Posted by biglentil View Post
You want the cure to cancer stop fricken eating and go on an all vegatable juice diet, no solids and minimize sugar. Beats, carrots, swiss chard, celery, some tumeric root, ginger root a little garlic. Cancer and even type 2 diabetes will be gone so fricken quick.
Was some Swedish research on these lines in the 1930s - curing cancer by changing diet. Stopped all the tumours growing, reduced some considerably and cured some completely. Some American scientists tried the same again in the 2000s with similar results. Couldn't expand their testing because they couldn't get funding. "Cancer research" and seeking donations to fund it is one of the biggest scams going. Not interested in finding how to prevent it - focus is only on making a pill to sell to cure it. Imagine how much they could charge for a cancer curing pill? Reply With Quote
fjlip's Avatar Oct 29, 2016 | 22:39 24 If "they" are trying for something to stop/cure/pause cancer, it would have to be a never ending dose, costly but effective that would be worth billions to "them". A cure or prevention is not profitable.
Hopefully the internet will help most PREVENT by living/eating properly!
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fjlip's Avatar Oct 29, 2016 | 23:16 25
Quote Originally Posted by AlbertaFarmer5 View Post
My wife is the healthiest person I know. She knows what to eat, why, when, in what combinations, and what orders and how it should be cooked or not. Looks half her age.
By combinations, would that be food combining? We have been trying that for years, and wow do I know when my food is NOT properly combined. Always had stress/digestion issues. Enzymes certainly help. Will try the pickle juice. Love beets, need more I guess. Lemons, apple cider vinegar, ginger all have benefits to health.
Re cancer, long time back, read/seen that raising body temp, to like 105F would destroy cancer cells, perhaps this is microwaving? Reply With Quote
Oct 30, 2016 | 00:05 26 they only microwaved the affected area works for some fails for others I guess.

my has got me on turmeric daily for my joints had each shoulder done a hip replaced knees scraped ive got some form of arthritis in every joint in my body. perhaps as cotton alluded to could have been my diet growing up or falling off motorbikes or sport or rock climbing that was hard on the joints or just hard living and farming lifestyle who knows.

anyway since on turmeric arthritic pain whilst still there seems to have lessended but according to her has to be fresh and I put it in my veg/fruit juice concoction I make in blender. Usually orange celery carrot watermelon ginger and turmeric. sometimes mint or green apple have it for breakfast 5 days a week other days have traditional eggs and bacon maybe I'm undoing the benefits of juice not sure.

also cut beer out only once a week maybe twice and have red wine mostly, but summer is coming and nothing better after a 40c day than a cold beer but reality is should be cold water or juice.

might start another thread Reply With Quote
Oct 30, 2016 | 06:59 27 big-interesting beet thing i'll have to look at that

farm-not sure,the kids seem pretty fat and lethargic,not mine

malle-cant recall the mineral deficiency on the joint thing,ill find it for you

it goes like this,the vet industry was given 100 billion dollars to keep livestock healthy,like seventy year ago,of course with livestock you can do all sorts of shit you can't with humans

those mineral blocks are a technology,it was thought about,they never did this with humans,well some guys did

your body is constanly breaking down and re generating,even your bones die and regenerate,the drug for osteoporosis kills the one type of cell that breaks down old bone,so now we have a condition called sudden snap,big law suit going on in the states,old people will be walking along and their leg will just break

get back on track here,there are 90 known essential nutrients

60 minerals
16 vitamins
12 amino acids
2 essential fatty acids(possibly 3 if you count omega 9 jury seems to be out on this)

the problem is in the minerals,even if you eat healthy your not getting the minerals,no plant makes minerals,this is why we fertilize,plants only need 4-n-p-k-s,glad you guys rant city folk

if you plant a potato in the same spot for a hundred years how many of the other 56 minerals are there?

they did the work on this,the are government papers 80 years old saying houston we have a problem,the decline rate in minerals in plants is staggering

when people had would stoves it was standard practise to use the wood ash as fertilizer for gardens,why?the tree would suck up the minerals from the ground,then the garden plants would suck them up,then the human would suck them up,and eventually give it back through piss and shit and dying

but if you don't have these basic building blocks in your body your fucked Reply With Quote
Oct 30, 2016 | 09:47 28 It has always amazed me that we know exactly how to feed livestock every trace mineral and vitamin, and the outcomes of any deficiencies, we test their feed, have professionals develop rations. But for a human, we can't seem to agree what we are meant to eat, what we need, constantly change our opinion on what is good and what is bad. Reply With Quote
Oct 30, 2016 | 11:13 29 Alberta-and they fuckin lied to us,the food pyramid is a god damn joke,eggs are bad-ha fuck off moron,here have some margarine its better for you then butter-are you fucking insane mr moron

use olive oil for cooking-wait what mr moron

don't worry about shelf life and oxidization-wait what

take tums for heart burn-wait what

salt is bad-wait what,maybe table but

excuse me I'm talking

lean meat only-wow wow slow down the fat parts on a steak taste the best,i'm pretty sure there is a reason

shut up cotton

fat is bad,my book told me so

plus its got the fat word so its bad,you don't want get fat,eat low fat stuff,they fill low fat products with sugar

ya but what about this book that says sugar makes you fat and all these products would actually make things worse because the metabolism of the body....

shut up cotton,my book says this and thats that

ya but there is more books

shut up cotton

no you shut your fuckin mouth before i smack it shut
this is all self evident,it certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this shit,you are are a fucking moron and you killed over a billion people with your ignorance,they put their trust in you and you failed,you created a 60% obeseity ratea diabetic rate off the chart that will bankrupt our economy,you sir sit down and shut your stupid fucking mouth.

i see these guys/mostly girls all the time they literally can not think,but they advice on nutrition,i can't believe what i see Reply With Quote
Oct 30, 2016 | 11:23 30 heres another one

you know why people grave coffee ?

its the niacin,it literally fixes your brain,your brain is a few pounds and it uses like a third of your energy,or something like that

and if you know anyone on a statin drug,stops the production of cholesterol in the liver,they do it to lower blood pressure,because they think thats the problem,lol,the dementia rate is like 100% after a decade or some crazy shit,because cholesterol is vital to brain function,you can't even make this shit up lol Reply With Quote