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Aug 9, 2016 | 23:01 1 I currently have a well paying job but I'm not sure that it's my true passion. My wife's family have a large grain farm that would be a great option to join. Am I crazy to leave a low six figure job to go farming? I realize there are good years ave bad, I grew up farming but we sold the farm before I could get too involved. Thanks for any responses. Reply With Quote
Aug 10, 2016 | 09:35 2 So long as you are certain you will inherit the land then yes. If you are going to be paying today's bubble prices for the land then no. Look what is happening to Vancouver real estate right now. Imagine what land prices will be in 20 years without Chinese needing to launder money. Kind of funny they came here to avoid there own corrupt government just to have the corrupt government of BC take it from them. Hilarious. Reply With Quote
Aug 10, 2016 | 19:44 3 Just is to clarify yes it is time to go farming if you inherit land. If you have to pay for land then stay at your job and take more holiday time to make it bearable. Take holidays during harvest and get a job running combine to scratch the itch. If your paying for land then you need the job to eat and then farm work on top of that. Reply With Quote
Oliverqueen Mar 19, 2017 | 20:33 4 Hectares of land for sale/lease in Nigeria Reply With Quote