Looking for my oppurtunity in Agricultutre

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Looking for my oppurtunity in Agricultutre

Nov 12, 2003 | 12:05 1 Hi i,m a landed immigrant new commer to canada,i,ve been here for 6 months and i live in hamilton,Ontario,i,m looking for a job in my field, knowing that i hold B.SC.in Agriculture with over 10 years experience in the field of fruit trees production,so ineed the start point over here so as not to loose my credentials .


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Jan 12, 2004 | 20:39 2 Ibra,
Welcome to Canada, I am a recent graduate who has been looking as well for work in the field of my passion, organic agriculture, some websites that have helped me find some work are; agricareers.com, agriculturejobs.com and the agri-labourpool.com
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Jan 24, 2018 | 17:15 3 Mature, responsible, motivated farmer from Alberta is looking for work on a farm or as Handyman on an large acreage around Vancouver or Fraser Valley. Ideally the workplace would offer housing/farm for him and his partner and two teenage daughters (around Vancouver or Fraser Valley). Would prefer to work in exchange for housing and/or on subcontractor agreement. Would take care of the property as if it was his own. Non smoking, no drugs.

Extensive 35 years of experience in operating farming (beef, horse, dairy, cash crops) and construction equipmen, garden-design and yard maintenance, experience in woodwork (including timber framing) and metalwork (including welding) and equipment repair.
Owned landscaping company in Germany with extensive experience in construction, garden-design and yard maintenance. Owned and operated farm and custom farming operation in Alberta.

Also interested in construction or renovation projects, with experience in woodwork (including timber framing) and metalwork (including welding) and equipment repair.

If this is something you may be interested in, I'd love to chat more.
Feel free to send me an email, text or call with any questions.

+1 (587) 444 02 77 healer.markus@gmail.com Reply With Quote