Milking Dairy Goat's



Milking Dairy Goat's

Mar 29, 2002 | 19:01 1 Does anyone know where to go to get info on this subject?
Is there a market in Sk.?
I almost did this 20 years ago and now I'm wondering again about it's potential. Reply With Quote
Mar 31, 2002 | 13:48 2 Muttley, there are several in Saskatchewan that have small herds of milking goats and there was one outside of Saskatoon I think it was, that was doing not too bad. For information, as a start, I would try the goat breeders in Saskatchewan.

Most of the big goat dairies are down in Ontario and Quebec, with a couple in BC. Most in Alberta run home dairies, which means that they can sell up to 50L per day from the farm, once they get everything in place. Usually these home dairies do fairly well because the milk is processed the same day and it doesn't sit in the bulk tank for a couple of days or more waiting to get picked up and then dumped in with everything and then processed.

There was a goat milk processing facility here in Alberta - Ponoka actually - that closed up shop awhile ago. They made varioius goat cheeses and were looking at powdering the goats milk. It was run by one of Saputo's daughters and I've heard various reasons why it closed, but the long and short of it is that it did.

A couple of goat milk co-ops did exist here as well, but I have no idea as to what has happened with them. One of them folded because the processing facility went out of business and they were pretty closely tied to them.

Goat milk is popular with people who are lactose intolerant and for those who want something other than cows milk. It is naturally homogenized, which means that the fat globules are small enough that you don't get the cream rising to the top. It also has a few other health benefits to it as well.

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