A few pictures

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A few pictures

Jun 18, 2016 | 21:46 1 To celebrate the miracle of nature. We went from the potential of bad drought to a luxurious abundance of forage in a little over 3 weeks. I hope others are having as much good fortune.

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The last of our calving pasture got away from us

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At the feed fence - daily moo-ves.

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The morning after

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17 day regrowth

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A corner of calves Reply With Quote
Jun 19, 2016 | 06:58 2 Grass not as tall as yours...but we certainly have some....one day thinking where to send cows to haven't even used the pastures I've got..... Reply With Quote
Jun 19, 2016 | 20:05 3 Nice. Some rain here really made things come alive a week after we had implemented step 1 of our drought plan and sold some cull cows. Now we are pretty well set up for the year and looks like we may be haying some pasture ground. Reply With Quote
Jun 20, 2016 | 06:01 4 Yeah, we did the same - arranged to send some steers away to custom grazing. By the time we got around to trucking them we had to wait for the yard to dry up! Oh well I guess it wasn't a big "mistake" in the grand scheme of things. Reply With Quote
joedales's Avatar Jun 30, 2016 | 09:32 5 Nice photos, thanks for sharing.
Joe Dales Reply With Quote