Common Scab on Potatoes

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Common Scab on Potatoes

Sep 11, 2003 | 21:39 1 We have had another dry year and a lot of the potatoes are scabby. we have been fileding questions about how to avoid it and other than moisture during hooking and maybe Ph of the soil, I have no other ideas. Any help? Reply With Quote
Sep 12, 2003 | 11:15 2 There are several things that may help

- A green manure of soybeans may promote beneficial bacteria.
- Using a three to four year rotation will help decrease scab incidence.
- Keep all other root crops out of that rotation.
- Pre tuber formation, maintain optimum soil moisture.
- Change varities to more resistant ones
(ie. Early gem, Ontario, Seneca, Cinook, Huron, Avon, Sable, Cariboo, Cherokee, Netted Gem)
None are completely resistant, so if conditions are ideal for scab it will still develop.
- If possible stay away from coarser soils.

Hope this helps Reply With Quote