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Helping your neighbor

Aug 25, 2003 | 22:12 1 These are ugly times in the country. A whole lot of people are in pretty rough shape. Everyones struggling to survive and there is a lot of frustration and uncertainty out there.
This is the time we need to be a good look out for each other. To help each other even if it only means to lend a sympathetic ear! An encouraging word or a small gesture might be all it takes to give someone hope and a will to carry on.
Through my struggles with my health I sure did appreciate all my neighbors did for bucked me up and gave me alot of strength!
Remember no good deed ever goes unrewarded! You'll always get reimbursed somewhere down the road. If not in this life, then in the next.
Be kind to one another. Reply With Quote
Apr 28, 2004 | 07:08 2 Hi, Cowman. You are so right, that we need to help each other. Some people have that idea that the only way to progress economically to to take money away from someone else. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The real way to progress economically is to add value to something. We can do this by our own labor, by capitalism or perhaps some other means.

One thing we need is a good sense of Creation as a gift from God to us.

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May 5, 2004 | 00:44 3 Dear Cowman, I hope that you are still here with me. I registered only today and your memo is from months ago. You seem to have an insight into life which is good . I am good to others or at least I try to be at every opportunity. Let me know if you receive this message. I am trying to fine a home for a young ladies horse as the girl does not have the resourses for feed. Regards, Laurie Semenchuk Reply With Quote
May 10, 2004 | 04:30 4 Laurie: I seldom visit this forum as it is pretty well dead. Sorry can't help you with the horse thing.
Somehow I can't quite see what the problem with the horse is? If she can't take care of him there are lots of horse sales around where she will find a buyer who can take care of him? I find it inappropriate for anyone to own an animal if they can't afford to take care of it. Reply With Quote