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Reminder of Discussion Group Rules of Conduct

Apr 13, 2003 | 15:55 1 All participants in the discussion groups are reminded that these forums are offered as a place to share ideas with respect for each other and individuals, public or private, as well as respect for the thoughts and opinions of other participants. We strive to offer a free exchange of ideas and ask that all posts focus on issues and in no way target individuals with slanderous wording, threats or profanity. We ask all participants to review the guidelines at: [URL="http://www.agri-ville.com/community/guidelines.shtml"]http://www.agri-ville.com/community/guidelines.shtml[/URL] If necessary, Agri-ville.com will ban any members who fail to adhere to these rules of conduct. Thanks for your co-operation -- AV Town Hall Reply With Quote
Nov 28, 2014 | 05:26 2 Thanks for the information, i will try that not break the forum rules. Reply With Quote