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Oct 8, 2007 | 14:09 31 In this area after 2 weeks of a down market cattle numbers at sales start to drop off as cattlemen hold off till numbers improve. As more buyers see this as a oppertunnity and start filling pens the price starts creeping up. If you got pen space and a patient banker some money can be made. P.S. Did I mention the patient banker part ? Reply With Quote
Oct 10, 2007 | 05:19 32 something along the lines of what CS said. Anything working against you can be made to work for you as well. Feed could be hedged on the futures market as well as cattle losses. I think there may be opportunity for someone smarter than I to assist producers in developing and implementing hedging strategies, however first it is important to know breakevens and what you want as a return. Reply With Quote
Oct 10, 2007 | 20:52 33 Could also be that there will be some cheaper corn coming from the south thanks to the dollar....

We're on both sides of this fence, having feeders and cows, but for every good sign on the feeders, the cow herd takes a kick.

There are upsides to a high grain market in the feeder department. Less competition at the auction from guys trying to make cheap barley worth more. (good for feeders. bad for cow calf) Non existant overfat steers. (good for everybody) Those overdiscounted purchase prices. (good for feeders, bad for cow calf) Everyone is forced to sharpen the pencils and keep on top of the management. (good for everyone)

Now, if I could figure out a way to make them both work at the same time I'd get a patent and go sit under a palm tree with the proceeds. Reply With Quote
Oct 11, 2007 | 20:24 34 Kato, I think there is a way that both cow/calf guys and cattle feeder could prosper - that would be by tackling corporate concentration at the processing and retail level. There is plenty money in the beef production chain if it were more equitably distributed. Instead feedlot owners are pitted against ranchers each trying to take enough advantage of the other to survive on the scraps left over after the packers and retailers have taken their chunks.
Instead of fighting for this change the mighty brains of CCA/ABP spend producers check off dollars trying to ruin the profitability of the only really successful farms in Canada - those with supply management. Their mistaken logic being that by destroying these other industries we will get more global access for "our" beef resulting in enhanced profitability. This is wrong on two counts - 1. I know of no country that would definitely import extra Canadian beef if we do away with supply management. And 2. if we did find such a country how would this benefit cattle producers given the captive marketplace created by corporate concentration?

I think I have the answer but have no desire to go sit under a palm tree - I would be happy to ranch with a secure future brought about by fair returns for my work. Reply With Quote