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wanted: turkeys

Mar 6, 2003 | 18:49 1 I`m looking for some broad breasted bronze turkeys. I`m also interested in some turkeys that can mate naturally(bourbans, royal palms...) I`d be interested in buying eggs if unable to ship chicks. I live in Manitoba. Reply With Quote
Mar 10, 2003 | 06:22 2 Try the Feather Fancier.
Website: www.FeatherFancier.on.ca
EMail: FeatherFAncier@ebnet.net Reply With Quote
Sep 5, 2003 | 21:24 3 I realize this will be too late for this year. We got Bronze Turkeys from Rochester Hatchery of Edmonton. They do have an agent in Ashern, Mb. (Interlake Trading Post) You can view them at www.rochesterhatchery.com They have a nice variety of odd & unusual birds. Reply With Quote