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All the New Regulations

Feb 20, 2003 | 23:45 1 Just wondering what everyone out there thought of all the new regulations that the powers to be are trying to direct our way in the hog industry. Being a small producer I am a little concerned about the direction we seem to be headed. First its the CQA, which in principle I agree with. Now we are hearing about animal wealth fare audits, new drug use regulations, now latest is the CODEX Animal Feeding "regulations" for the mixing and preparation of livestock feeds. OH, lets not forget the nutrient manage plans, the GST rebates, farm fuel rebates (if in Sask), plus all the other things that I have forgotten. Considering that I don't need right now to have hired help, how do we find time to do the paperwork while still spending enough time to do the productions things. Lets hear your thoughts about this. Reply With Quote
Jul 11, 2003 | 10:23 2 Lilac-hill

I was at a recent meeting where a senior John Deere manager was discussing a major shift in agricultural commodity production. He called it manufacturing conversion. In short is means commodity agriculture is adopting manufacturing practices.

All the paperwork you have mentioned is a part of that process and in some respect it may be "ag's turn". Documentation is the key.
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