Seed Shortage

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Seed Shortage

Feb 6, 2003 | 16:34 1 It used to be an exciting occasion when seed catalogue began to arrive in the mail. There was the anticipation of viewing more info on your favorite varieties in perhaps a new arrangement. There was also the profusion of new products to temp us.

Alas, those days are becoming extinct. Old varieties are being dropped for the annual appearance of the latest hybrid. You must search for stable sources of favorites with hope they are not pressured by seed producers to switch to the next generation hybrids. There is no reliable variety to set your crop dreams on. Even the most popular and highest sales varieties are dropping from catalogues.

Every year will soon become a new trial and error exercise. Trying to match varieties to growing conditions in hope that they will not disappear if found suitable. There is more insentive than ever to save seed and to switch to standard heirloom varieties allowing you to save a true seed.

It is hard to appreciate the challenge faced by a farmer who is also confronted with the protected/patented seeds. To be tied to a contract which in many cases demands use of specific products from the same manufacturer/producer. It is no wonder the small operations are collapsing.

I just desire a dependable source for seeds for my proven favorites. Reply With Quote