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Feb 4, 2003 | 22:44 1 We have been researching pastured poultry and are considering getting into this. Does anybody out there have any experience/wisdom/comments to share? Reply With Quote
Feb 7, 2003 | 20:01 2 To what scale are you thinking? I've been to a few seminars and have pastured Cornish Giants and Turkeys for the last 3 seasons. Not very large scale for me but I know of some guys that are running large flocks in movable "cages". It sure does produce a better quality meat (in my opinion). Reply With Quote
Feb 8, 2003 | 20:27 3 We were thinking of starting this year with 100-200 birds, and sell through friends, family and neighbours. If things go well we would probably look at expanding next year. Do you butcher for yourself? Any recommendations on hatcheries with good quality chicks? Reply With Quote
Feb 27, 2003 | 21:24 4 I've raised free run poultry the last few years but only 100 to 150 birds. The one coment I have is about predators. If your not careful they can do alot of damage in one or two nights. I let the poultry run loose around their building and then lock them in for the night. This isn't the same as pasture poultry with movealbe cages but it is less work for me and still rasies some very nice tasting meat. I get one of the local colonies to do the butchering for me. They do a very nice job. The birds are preforzen, wieghted and vacum packed plus all the feathers and insides are not my problem to deal with .
As for hactheries there are several around. I deal with Bergs out of Russel Mb. and have had no problems. Usually your local feed dealer will be linked upto some hatchery.
Hope this is some help. Reply With Quote
Jan 13, 2015 | 00:43 5 Poultry production is the raising of chickens and other domesticated birds for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Approximately over a 50 billion chickens are annually raised as a source of food for the people around the globe. Chickens raised from eggs are usually called “layers”, while chickens raised for meat are called “broilers”.

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Unfortunately, this poultry production, which is almost the lifeline of the world population and the backbone of the farming industry is facing several problems like inadequate methods used for higher broiler meat yield; the overall chicken health; and the rising cost of the extra vagant chick feeder. Find the research here an alternative that will provide relief to the poultry industry. [URL="http://www.trivediscience.com/live-stock/poultry/"]http://www.trivediscience.com/live-stock/poultry/[/URL] Reply With Quote