Blinded by pride.

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Blinded by pride.

Dec 2, 2002 | 19:16 1 The captain of a ship on a dark night saw faint lights in the distance. He told his signalman to send the message: "Change course 10 degrees south". Immediately he received the response: "Change your direction 10 degress north."

The proud captain was angry that he was being challenged, so he sent a futher message "Change your course 10 degrees south. This is the captain speaking!"

He received the response "Change your direction 10 degrees north. I'm seaman Third Class Jones."

The captain, thinking he would terrify this insubordinate sailor, wired a third message. "Change your direction 10 degrees south. I am a battleship."

The final reply came. "Change your course 10 degrees north. I am a lighthouse.

Sometimes our pride gets in the way of allowing God to help us. Reply With Quote
Dec 10, 2002 | 23:25 2 It's not sometimes that pride gets in the way it's all the time. But I know what you mean. Probalby the hardest fatel flaw of mankind is pride. It's amazing when we have the opportunity to let the King of Kings and Lord of Lords take us by the hand daily we still want to be independent. Reply With Quote
Dec 11, 2002 | 17:51 3 4sure - interesting comments from a person who had chosen the name you have! Would you go on and tell us some of your own thoughts about dealing with this business of pride getting in the way? Reply With Quote
Dec 19, 2002 | 00:44 4 Looks like 4sure's doen some thinken. Reply With Quote