Using smartphone apps to farm

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Using smartphone apps to farm

Jan 22, 2015 | 23:22 1 I recently wrote an article for INK Online about using smartphone apps to farm. Please check it out. Reply With Quote
AgrivilleAdmin's Avatar Jan 30, 2015 | 08:48 2 Unlock The Potential Of Your Smartphone With Agriculture Apps.

By Joe Dales,
If you mention powerful farming tools to most people, they will think of tractors or combines. But the smart phone is becoming an important part of every farmer’s tool kit and new software applications or APPS are making those phones even more useful.
“Farmers are rapidly adopting mobile apps for everything from checking futures market prices, creating production records and searching for used farm machinery ,” said Darren Marsland, Vice President Technology at Ltd. “Producers like the apps because they can access information set up for the smartphones or tablets and from anywhere on the farm.”

To help farmers find some of the new agriculture apps, has created an extensive online directory of agri apps which are listed in categories and with a description. To visit the App Directory and find the apps to help you on your farm go to

A couple of the popular free apps include the Used Farm Equipment App, which is powerful search engine to help farmers find a specific piece of used farm machinery and the Job Search App.
Some of the best apps available are for futures market prices, news and weather, weed identification, nutrient removal by crop, planting population calculator, drainage tile calculator, and more. Visit and click on the Agriculture Apps link and you can find the growing directory with information on each app. Reply With Quote