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Nov 5, 2014 | 09:25 1 Had 14 laggards that have been living and eating in the pen - I never seemed to get around to selling those lambs.

Shipped them on Monday - average of 82 pounds and 2.06 bucks a pound

Not a bad bit of found money - now off to spend it on my Christmas shopping.

Planning to be done before end of November and surprise the entire family with my new way - usually finish Christas shopping at 8 pm on the 24'th! LOL

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Nov 12, 2014 | 12:17 2 Awesome! Mine are going this week, but I may keep a couple of smaller ones back. One is a triplet, and the other hurt herself, had a big cut on her leg, and it hasn't completely healed yet. Reply With Quote
Nov 13, 2014 | 18:41 3 Sold most of the lambs today. What a day to wake up with a sore back! We had a horrible time with the ear tags. Shearwell went and changed their tags, but appear to have kept it a secret.there is a new insert needed to make the tagger work, but of course I didn't have it. The new tags are about a quarter of an inch longer, so they either break in the middle, or won't line up. Worst part.. Sheep are sorted and in the tub with the trailer backed up, and the insert we need for the tagger is two provinces away! Between using up the old tags, being lucky with some of the new ones, and wasting a bunch, we got it done. We really need a tag supplier in Manitoba. The tagger insert is on it's way now, along with another bag of tags that I need so I can sell the two leftover small ones left back.

A frustrating exercise, but the prices were good, so I will get over it. Lol Reply With Quote
Nov 17, 2014 | 09:21 4 Kato

Sorry - been away on business out of country - that is what happens when you are in the military.

What does it cost for you to truck? Or is that the buyers problem?

Hate the tagging system but it seems the fat cats that run the program all want to make their mark - and that often means unannounced changes.

We are looking to move a small group of lambs this coming week - all from the last batch - all hitting 60 pounds - and I do not want to feed them much longer!

Be happy

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Nov 20, 2014 | 16:12 5 Trucking is the buyer's issue. We are a hundred miles from the nearest auction sales for sheep, so we sell to a local buyer who assembles loads to take to Ontario. He pays a bit less than the auction, but by the time you trucked them off to a sale and paid yardage and all that, you aren't any farther ahead. This is less stress for the sheep too.

I still have four left. One is a small triplet, two are bucket lambs, and one has gotten herself hurt and needs a couple of more weeks to heal up.

It was the dumbest thing. (Usually is) She got out of the fence, and when I was putting her back in, she stuck her head through the fence and being a sheep, just stood there. My dog got all excited and grabbed her by the leg and pulled her back out of the fence, but in doing so, she ripped a wound in her back leg. Dog and I had some words over that one! Needed stitches and everything. She's almost healed up now, but I want it totally better before she goes.

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