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Sep 6, 2002 | 17:39 1 2000 corn silage was frosted. 2001 corn silage was drought stressed and @ 60% moisture before kernel reached 1/3-1/2 milk line- poor fermentation in the bunkers. 2002 cornsilage presently green and 70% moisture- dropping .5 moisture points/ day.Kernels are still soft though denting. At this rate, the plant moisture ( including grain) will be 65% on Sept. 15-17. Should I chop if the kernels aren't ready or do I let it go below 65% moisture and wait for proper kernel maturity. BTW- no processor on harvester. TIA Reply With Quote
Sep 13, 2002 | 11:49 2 Corn is in the ideal stage for fermentation when moisture is 60-70%. Penn state predicted moisture levels will dropped 0.65 percent units per day in average conditions, however, the recent rainfall may affect this. I recommend pulling the trigger at 60% moisture, unless the milk line approaches 1/3 sooner than this.

However, if fermentation losses were high last year (60% moisture), this is a concern. Finer chop will improve fermentation of corn silage when ensiled dry. Consider providing effective fiber from other sources, such as dry hay, if you feel the eNDF is compromised.

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