Growing Creamer Potatoes

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Growing Creamer Potatoes

Jul 30, 2002 | 04:25 1 Just wondering if anyone has experience growing small and creamer size red skinned potatoes. I am wondering about spacing, any necessary equipment modifications and cwt/acre realized harvest. Also do certain red varieties realize better yields.
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Jul 30, 2002 | 05:00 2 Creamer potato is synonym to what is publicly known as baby potato. According to CFIA Canada # 1 Creamer potato size is 3/4-15/8 inches in diameter.
Limited data are available on creamer potato production. There have been trials in USA studding production of Creamer Potatoes in No-Tillage Cover Cropping System. These results suggest that use of cover crops and no-tillage appear to be a viable and economic system. However, optimum performance of cultivars depends on selecting the appropriate cover crop for the location.
More local research needed to develop economically viable system.
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Aug 1, 2002 | 18:32 3 have grown creamers for years, both reds and yellows. row spacing of 36 inches and plant spacing in row of 6 inches. just about any planting equipment will work. the critical part is the harvesting, because of the high value and low yield[ about 30% of normal] hand harvesting works the best as there is no machine damage and you can leave the culls where they belong. if you mechanical harvest particularly if you are going to green pick severe damage will occur do to excessive skinning. they do not sell well in this shape. we found that dark red norlands and yellow bintjes work well for the small market. hope this helps/ overwater farms Reply With Quote
Sep 15, 2002 | 21:37 4 Have grown creamers for years. Customers love the red Norlands, but they really like a red-black german potato that I grow. Snow white on the inside and the best keeper of all. Still have some sound today from last year's crop. Netted Gems appeal to some baking wants, but the reds are by far the most popular. Rotating locations every year is absolutely essential. Don't forget.....Manured location=scabby potatoes.

Hand harvesting through stealing is best prefaced by a careful bed preparation ( is crucial).

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