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May 31, 2012 | 11:33 31 I've been thinking about all this, and came up with an idea.

Right now the Alberta government gives everyone their first tags for free. Then you're on your own. I say that is backwards. And since the other provinces are being cheapskates, it's not doing anything to make this a level playing field between provinces.

I don't mind buying the first tags. What I mind is the replacement tags.

What if the feds were to step up and do the right thing and make this tag thing a federal responsibility instead of letting provinces create uneven rules.

I say that we all buy the first tag. Then every time we replace one, we go to the CCIA database, cross reference the tag, and comment "replacement for lost tag". Or they could create a button to click, which would make more sense.

At the end of the year, all the entries which are for replacement tags should be flagged, and there should be a cheque in the mail for at least $3.50 per tag. They have the information already. They know where we live. It would only take a bit of program tweaking to make it work.

Then they would also know the true cost of this retagging, and maybe would even do something to help solve the problem.

Just an idea. What does everyone else think? Reply With Quote
May 31, 2012 | 16:38 32 PAMI---understanding the long history of the eartag business to some extend. Is there any work being done on a tag that is different that the present "ALLFLEX SYSTEM". The real problem on evidence gathered from producers, and veterinarians that were in practice alot of years is the Male Plastic back area where the plastic covers the steel washer. I agree the stems and length variance can and does play a factor but the backs is where the real loss appears to be.

Kato--your idea is good but somehow we have to try to get something with a longer factor "expectation". That still doesn't solve the retagging and the animal behavior problem that both you and I and some others have experienced.

I admire you dedication of re-tagging your cows but I don't want to be put in a position that it becomes immediately mandatory to retag and animal if a RFID tag is lost and the animal is not leaving the premise of origin.

Each year I up to this time all the cow herd started with an RFID eartag because they were all bought as bred heifers. Many have lost their original tag and only the cows going into PFRA pastures this year had to be verified they are bearing a RFID tag and if not we replaced only those going to the PFRA pastures. The ones staying home (half the herd) we don't worry or even touch their ears right now.

Back to the tractor ---thought process continues better sitting on a tractor. Reply With Quote