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May 17, 2002 | 22:58 1 has anyone any experience in raising and selling this crop??? Reply With Quote
May 18, 2002 | 12:24 2 Just at the direct farm market level. Small sales but no push on my part either since it is not the primary commodity. I bundle about 5 or 6 stalks for about $1.50.

Once established, the plant self seeds and expands. In Manitoba, we can harvest from May/June until August as long as you do not let the crop go to seed. The climate promotes continued growth without going woody.

Local grocery store shows some interest for local production but have not investigated further. Would have to expand production...something to consider in future. Reply With Quote
May 21, 2002 | 04:26 3 In Nova Scotia we have a grower with commercial production of Rhubarb. It is a crop which requires lots of attention but when managed properly it can be profitable crop. Reply With Quote
May 21, 2002 | 17:55 4 Nakodo
There has been a few tries in Alberta.

There is a couple in Central alberta who have made a significant try at doing commercial Rhubarb but it has been a struggle. There was a farmer from Westlock-Barhead who grew it for wine production for Lewis Wineries in Grande Prairie but that's another story.
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May 22, 2002 | 04:44 5 Has it been struggle on production or marketing end? From what I know, market is there and there is enough data and information in regards of commercial production. Reply With Quote
May 24, 2002 | 07:02 6 Hello:
A neighbor grew 2 acres last year some good some bad. One variety was not bought, a lot of work picking it. Email me and I will provide phone number
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May 24, 2002 | 07:38 7 Rhubarb in Nova Scotia is produced primarily for processing, most often bulk frozen for use in bakery products. There is a producer/processor in Collingwood, NS, who originally used rhubarb to supplement is IQF strawberries and is now looking at expanding the rhubarb section of the business. Reply With Quote
May 26, 2002 | 04:52 8 Growing rhubarb does require alot of work. It takes a few years before the plant is big enough to survive a heavy picking, if you are growing commercially. Often associated with growing rhubarb you must be aware that you will be inviting a pest problem into your soil. Reply With Quote
May 29, 2002 | 22:39 9 Could you please define what the pest problem is? I don't know too much about rhubarb, other than there's a small patch of it that comes up every year. I'm curious to know what you mean by pest problem. Reply With Quote