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Greed Energy

Feb 11, 2012 | 10:10 1 The government of Ontario in it's wisdom put on a "Green Energy Program" that paid out absolutely stupid rates to those who put up solar panels to feed back into the grid. Also paid out fairly stupid rates for power from industrial wind turbines.

These high rates are being paid to nice little guys like Suncor and Nextera who are doing this to offset their carbon emissions from the oil sands. The farmers/landowners are well-paid for the use of their land.

And those rates are not even being fully factored into our electricity rates yet! It's gonna kill us. Industry is being driven out because of it.

We are now on the verge of a civil war here between those who are parking 400' high wind turbines on their land and their neighbors who live with the ill effects from them.

Fighting on the side of those are opposed are those who look at what's happening in Greece and are not too pleased with the prospect of seeing us go down the same path. Too late, we're about there!

Ontario, under our Liberal government, is getting to be an insufferable place to live with all the regulations and other wonderful ideas coming down on us from Toronto and Ottawa.

But it sounds like the West is having increasing issues of the same nature as well. Reply With Quote
Feb 11, 2012 | 18:48 2 I like the idea that the goverments are trying to get people to try alternative ways to create and save energy but unfortunately it usually ends up being the large corporations that get the funding as they are the only ones how can afford this. Yes in Saskatchewan we are starting to get into wind turbines in a larger way and the problems with them also. I did look into solar power and yes is going to be expensive but Saskpower has a program that acts like a bank account from what I can see so that would work great ie. not have the large stock of batteries to look after. Reply With Quote
Feb 12, 2012 | 07:48 3 There is little interest by most governments to actually invest in viable alternate energy solutions, because the large corporations that benifit from conventional energy have no desire to see the gravy train come to an end? In Canada and the USA these corporations have huge influence over the governments through political donations and inside lobbying efforts.
Therefore we see a supression of things like bio mass generation or solar/fuel cell research for small individual generation.
A clear example is high efficiency wood fueled electricity generation. In Sweden and other northern European countries this has become a very standard system. An investment of $56,000 in an automated wood chip fired generator system would return an annual revenue of $36,000 at $.11/kwh. Canada does not allow this Swedish technology into the country......even though emmission are much cleaner than our current coal fired generators!
Simple....the Sask Power's, Tranalta's, Bruce Power's of the world wouldn't be able to make obscene profits! Reply With Quote
Mar 22, 2012 | 08:22 4 I think government is having good plan
actually for alternate energy. But as
this is not useful they should
concentrate on existing ways of energy.

I am using electricity from who
is the cheapest Energy providers. Reply With Quote