Apples found to contain excess alcohol

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Apples found to contain excess alcohol

Apr 1, 2002 | 12:53 1 Several species of the new sweeter variety of apples have been found to contain partially alcolized sugars, resulting in children getting a "natural high" from excess consumption. After notice was made in the national press a run on apples resulted in an increase in one day sales of over 7000 %. Wholesalers are rushing to fill orders and demand for seedling apple trees has increased as well.

Seems an apple a day can keep the doctor away but don't drive a car after consuming one....

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Apr 1, 2002 | 13:05 2 I am glad that you ended your postings with April fools. Some would think that alcohol in apples would be great while other would be dead against it. Its bests to leave the alcohol from apples in the bottle format and look to antioxidants in apples for a health benefit Reply With Quote