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Farm Safety and Heat Stress

Jun 27, 2011 | 09:19 1 It is that time of year again, summer! This means long days in the fields bailing hay, working on machines and trying to find a moment to relax with your family.

It is even more important then ever with the fluctuating temperatures and less-then-seasonal trends to be aware that Heat Stress can happen quicker then you think. When we have 4 days of rain and then finally we get a nice hot sunny day, we need to be aware of the hot sun and not burn our selves out.

Heat stress can lead to many accidents on the farm, just not the effects your body can feel when you are exposed to more sun and working in that sun.

The Farm Safety Association has been trying for years to educate farmers and the public about the dangers of farming and how to be safe.

They have very interesting resources available for you to download and read. I wanted to share the link for the Heat Stress section, as I feel that this topic is of more importance then ever this year, because of the interesting weather we have been experiencing already.

You can visit this website for information and items to print out to share with your family and friends.

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Jul 1, 2011 | 00:07 2 Yer so Sweet, you make a guy needa Tooth Filling. Why don't you stop in over in Market Talk & give them Self Proclaimed Marketeers a piece of yer knowledge, maybe theys kin learn a thing er two. Don't be shy now......... Reply With Quote
Jul 9, 2011 | 15:56 3 This is not BS. I know someone who ended up in an ambulance, dyhydrated and flat on his back. It took all afternoon in emergency and 4 bags of IV to get him back on his feet. Shovelling in a hot tin grainery, boozing the night before, fergettin to drink water, the next morning and a donothing, useless, fat butted trucker watching all this happen contributed to the farmers fate... Gaterade isn't just fer the pros, it fer us stupidos tooo! Believe me, I know all the details and circumstances in this instance!!!!! Reply With Quote