Looking for manufacturers of dairy barn eqt



Looking for manufacturers of dairy barn eqt

Mar 11, 2002 | 09:34 1 Manure cleaners, stalls, pipelines, feeding systems etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions of good places to shop for equipment to build a new dairy barn ? Reply With Quote
Mar 12, 2002 | 08:25 2 You may want to check out the Ontario retail farm equipement dealers' association website: http:/www.orfeda.com/dealers.html Reply With Quote
Mar 12, 2002 | 18:22 3 For stabling, we get most of our equipment from our Houle dealer. Don't know if they have a webpage. There are all kinds of other dealers out there but we've always had better luck and prices from Houle. For pipelines you're pretty much down to your local DeLaval dealer or Surge dealer. Surge dealers also carry BouMatic, DeLaval dealers carry Westfalia but I'm not sure if they make pipelines or just parlours. Reply With Quote
Feb 4, 2015 | 05:29 4 I agree with the above suggestion, but you should search on the internet may be you will get useful information about manufacturers...

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