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pork & poultry prodution

May 10, 2011 | 06:52 1 Just finnished farrowing 10 sows averaged 8.5 pig per sow. We have weaners for sale. Reply With Quote
Aug 1, 2011 | 20:22 2 Last time I raised hogs we had an avg. of 12 per litter. Reply With Quote
Nov 8, 2014 | 06:34 3 Don't have anything to say... Reply With Quote
Feb 20, 2017 | 11:38 4 2 Days Profitable Pig farm Training

The popular TV and YouTube Piggery Academy Trainer - Mr Yemi Adesina will be giving a 2 day pig training titled "Profitable Commercial Pig Farming" The training will be handled by Mr Yemi Adesina himself and his operation manager and you will also have opportunity to have a 20 minutes one to one session with him.

If you are new to pig farming and would like to know how to start a successful pig farm Or you are already a pig farmer but you would like to turn pig farming into a full time business – commercial pig farming, this is a golden opportunity for you.

Mr Yemi Adesina’s video has been watched by more than 650,000 people in over 40 countries and he has featured in many TV programmes on pig production in Nigeria.

Profitable pig farming -
Anyone interested should contact us on egbetokunseyi@gmail.com...Nigeria will great with agriculture Reply With Quote