The Temple of Nature

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The Temple of Nature

Jan 31, 2002 | 14:25 1 This is one of my favourite poems...

Talk not of temples; there is one
built without hands, to mankind given.
Its lamps are the meridian sun
and all the stars of heaven;
its walls are the cerulean sky,
its floor the earth so green and fair,
the dome its vast immensity.
All Nature worships there.

~David Vedder

We've lived in the country for eleven years, but my heart has been here forever. When God couldn't reach me, Nature did.

We are organic beings, connected in every way to the world around us. I believe it is fundamental to our spiritual growth to be aware of the many ways God teaches, in every moment of our lives.

"But ask now the beasts,
and they shall teach thee,
and the fowls of the air,
and they shall tell thee,
or speak to the earth,
and it shall teach thee,
and the fishes of the sea
shall declare unto thee."

Job 12:7-8, KJV

blessings, Elisabeth Reply With Quote
Jan 31, 2002 | 15:59 2 redhen, Thanks for your thoughts. One of the songs I love (an oldtimer)

Oh the place where I worship is the wide open spaces,
Built by the Hand of the Lord!
Where the trees of the forest are like pipes of an organ
and the breeze plays an Amen chord.
Oh the stars are the candles and they light up the mountains,
Mountains are altars of God.
Oh the place where I worship is the wide open spaces,
Where the sun warms the peaceful sod.

There's a carpet of green and a skyblue roof above;
I'm welcome there alone, or with the one I love.
In your heart take a good look,
If you follow the good book, you're sure to find your reward.
Oh the place where I worship is the wide open spaces,
Built by the Hand of the Lord.

(Recitation lines)
The place where I worship is the wide open spaces
Yes, built by the Hand of the Lord!
And He has given it to you and me
For all the world to see.
There are no doors, no bars - and all are free!
There in the air, like a joyous prayer,
You can hear Him say: "This is your country, this is your home;
Keep its splendor, and guard its glory!"

It's a song of freedom coming from
The valley to the hilltops - It never, never stops!
And all the birds on the wing are like a choir.
You can hear them sing: "You're free to worship here -
All creeds, all races are one before God ..."
As you rest beside a silver stream
There pours into your soul
A feeling of peace and quiet
And You give thanks to Him
For making the eye of your heart see
The heritage He has given - to you and to me. Reply With Quote
Feb 1, 2002 | 13:11 3 Thanks Joyce )

I have my grandmother's hymnary. Maybe I'll find those inspiring and affirming words in there. So many people never discover the ways of seeing or hearing that bring us into harmonic resonance with the world around us.

I believe farmers have an advantage, spending so much time outdoors, but so many are struggling to make ends meet it's easy to forget a simple and basic truth... "Thy will, not mine."

Adversity keeps us humble and usually presents us with opportunities to pursue new paths. If we are in tune with our purpose, we'll recognise those watershed moments. Reply With Quote