Use this Tool to help you Learn.



Use this Tool to help you Learn.

Nov 20, 2001 | 19:26 1 Participation is key at
Use this practise forum to help learn about how to use these interactive tools.

Message Icons- are just for fun! Pick one that best depicts the mood you are in.

E-Mail notifiication- sends you an e-mail when someone answers your posting.

Will be watching for you in the 15 meeting rooms. Mayor Reply With Quote
Nov 23, 2001 | 10:03 2 Are a lot of ranchers relying on snow to water their cattle during this dry season? I know, where's the snow!! Reply With Quote
Nov 28, 2001 | 00:55 3 Welcome Three Rivers.
Since you posted, central Alberta has received anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow this week. Reply With Quote