when to prune an apple tree

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when to prune an apple tree

Nov 15, 2001 | 22:17 1 Is it better to prune after freeze up in the fall or before thaw in the spring? Reply With Quote
Nov 16, 2001 | 09:18 2 As a general rule it is best to wait until the risk of extrem winter temperatures has past. In Nova Scotia this would be late Febuary to early March. Pruning in the Fall or even December can delay the onset of the hardening off and result in low temperature injury to the trunk and possbille tree mortality. Pruning in January and Febuary during cold temperatures can result in injury around the pruning cuts. Reply With Quote
Nov 16, 2001 | 09:21 3 There are two preferred times to prune apple trees.

1. When the tree is dormant
2. In the summer when the terminal shoot buds have been formed

In Nova Scotia it is recommended that trees be pruned while dormant, so generally from early March to the end of April.

Late fall or pruning in the early winter can lead to winter damage because the trees have not prepared themselves for the cold weather.

Winter injury is not always visible but still can be present. Reply With Quote
Nov 16, 2001 | 17:10 4 Thank you, early next spring it is! Reply With Quote