wireworms on potato

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wireworms on potato

Nov 1, 2001 | 09:07 1 The wireworms problem is increasing across Canada. Spectrum of pesticides registered on potato crop is limited and their performance is rather inconsistent. Does anyone have information on this year chlorpyrifos performance? Reply With Quote
Jan 15, 2002 | 10:14 2 Seeing no response I pass on my experience.

I grow few (25-50) plants from certified seed. My process is organic in my home garden. I prepare the soil with ph reducing supplement. Key to my preparation is accumulation of onion skins which are mixed with straw in the preparation for the seed placement which follows after two weeks.

I had two potato beetles observed 2001 season. They did not stay nor did they lay eggs. There are others things done but long after the emergence of the plant to 10" in height. At that heigh I transplant the French marigolds in available space.

It works for me. Have you a like story to relate? Reply With Quote
May 23, 2002 | 18:40 3 chlorpyrophos is not effective and is being removed from the market. Thimet and Admire will provide good control in the furrow area and get yhour plants up, but the wireworm outside the treated area will not be controlled Reply With Quote