Has anyone tried growing field horseradish

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Has anyone tried growing field horseradish

Oct 29, 2001 | 16:36 1 I was trying to find 3 or 4 mt for a client and could not find any? Is it hard to grow, harvest? Will a potato digger work? Reply With Quote
Oct 30, 2001 | 09:10 2 Horseradish is a perennial crop and it takes 2-3 year before one can harvest it, depending on technology and growing conditions. Potato harvester will not work on horseradish as it has deep tap root system. Reply With Quote
Nov 1, 2001 | 22:56 3 Thank you for the advice, I will see if the buyer will look at a long term contract. I understand the growers in Mb build a harvester with govt dollars and then were unable to find markets so maybe the machine is on sale?

Another example of "if you grow it, they may not come?" Reply With Quote
Jan 13, 2002 | 14:35 4 I have a few Horseradish plants growing on my land. It has been there for several years, more than 5.
How deep would the usable roots go down?

Is it so deep that one would require a machine such as a small backhoe? Reply With Quote
Feb 20, 2002 | 08:33 5 Nakodo - I see your request is old but I thought I'd pass on some info - there are 2 large horseradish growers in S. Ont., one near Mt Pleasant (Brantford) and the other (Kytes) at Courtland (near Tillsonburg). Kytes used to grow over 20 - 40 ac and I am pretty sure their equipment was built by Geo. Robinson & Son, Courtland. Call George, he could help you out. BTW, Kytes Extra Hot was truly dangerous - but great! I also remember growers regularly using a Ca with a bit of B foliar feed (not CaCl)- it made the root white and solid. Hope this helps you.
Frank in NS Reply With Quote
May 23, 2002 | 18:45 6 The grower in the Brantford area that
Frank was talking about is Wally Vanderstelt. The grower at Ancaste is Marshall. Reply With Quote