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Genetic Modification of Plants New Characteristic Introduced to Crop

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    Genetic Modification of Plants New Characteristic Introduced to Crop

    In the context of growing need and demand for great farming produce with higher production capabilities, while not compromising on the quality, a new trend has been introduced Genetic Modification of Plants, Read through: [URL="http://goo.gl/422yyI"][/URL]Genetically Modified Plants

    <h1>Genetic Modification of Food Stuff</a>
    The field of agriculture has been expanding swiftly over the last few decades as a result of the great advancements in science and technology. What started as a natural way to grow fruits and vegetables has moved on to incorporate science and its techniques to make the whole cultivation more profitable and enhanced.
    An interesting advancement in the area of agriculture surfaced with the idea of genetically modified plants. Think of the normal apples, bananas and potatoes and now think of scientific methods of growing these by infusing some other gene to improve their quality and/or growth characteristics. Through the work of the last 20 years, scientists can now segregate genes for the traits they want in one plant and shift them into another. There is firm competition among companies to bring genetically modified fruits and vegetables to market and many hundreds of projects are underway in the field.
    There are a large number of reasons because of which genetic engineering in the area of food products is considered a beneficial process. The advantages include the following:

    1. The fruits and vegetables grown through genetic modification are produced with a lesser amount of overall money in the long run because they do not need too many techniques for increasing crop yield, immunity and quality.

    2. Also, in this type of cultivation, pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals are used to the minimal or not at all because usually the genes that are inserted are the ones that carry the trait of resistance from certain pests etc.

    3. There aren’t too many weeds again because of certain induced characteristics and hence less tilling is required to remove the weeds which thereby protect the soil.

    Using the technique of genetic modification of food stuff is pretty controversial because of opposing views of the scientific community. However, several projects are going on and some of the genetically modified crops are even permitted by the government of different nations owing to the benefits they bring about.
    Considering the scientific research and field experiments conducted with the Energy Transmissions of Mr. Trivedi, an unusual thing was found. Following The Trivedi Effect®, the overall nature of the outcome (of the experiments connected to genetic mutations) demonstrated an adaptive process that is entirely natural and organic without the application of any external chemicals (like fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides etc.) or energies. Significant changes in morphology (forms) are more often due to genetic level changes. These visual indications of a genetic change were substantiated through DNA fingerprinting tests that were conducted in two different laboratories where samples were divided into two parts like the other experiments wherein one part was exposed to the Energy Transmissions while the other was grown with conventional methods.

    The results demonstrated a change in the percentage of DNA polymorphism thus proving a change at the most basic genetic level of the crop. Therefore, Mahendra Trivedi has brought forward a natural and unbelievable way of genetically modifying plants, crops, fruits and vegetables etc. The details about these tests and their results can be accessed here: <a href="http://www.trivediscience.com/genetics/plant-genetics" title="plant genetics">Ge


      Fortunately, science shows us that there is no evidence of harm from GMOs. GM crops are repeatedly and extensively tested for consumer and i think so it's a future of agriculture!


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