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Milk of moringa

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    Milk of moringa


    Around the world 47 million children under the age group of 5 are wasted , 14.3 million severely wasted , 144million stunted ,and 45% of children death under the age of 5 are due to undernutrition and 462 million adults are under nourished and millions of people have been affected by COVID 19 due to lack of immunity . To overcome and correct these deficiency related health issue ,MORINGA milk is a divine on hand solution now . MORINGA abounds in mineral nutrients and vitamins .It can prevent 300 types of human diseases and cure 67 diseases .It contains 90 different nutrients and 46 kinds of pharmaceutical properties .100 grams of dry MORINGA leaf powder contains Vitamin A by 100 times more as that of carrot , 15 times more Potassium as that of Banana , 17 times more calcium as that of Milk and 9 times more protein as that of curd .
    Milk of MORINGA preparation
    1 lit milk is boiled well and kept cool
    20 Numbers of MORINGA ODC3 pods are cut into small pieces ,boiled and flesh of boiled pods is separated and grinded together with 200 grams sugar to the gel consistency . Both milk and pod gel is mixed together and consumed or stored in fridge for later use . MORINGA is real a super food and MILK of MORINGA is an extraordinary health drink for the people of all age group across the world .
    An elixir ,milk of MORINGA is a divine natural liquid food made out of MORINGA ODC 3 and act as a panacea for all maladies in human life .Also it has real commercial value as a promising MORINGA based future food of all age group across the world .

    Wow, i don't know this, thanks


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