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Ready to Rock!

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    Ready to Rock!

    Kicked the last cow out of the calving barn today, and filled it with straw. Put up the lambing pens, and moved the girls in. According to the calendar, the 27th is the day to watch. It's going to minus 11 tonight, so at least I can sleep without worrying.

    Let the games begin.

    Right on! Keep us updated, eh? How do your ewes look? Fat? Mine have a month to go
    and look quite chunky. I hope I have not spoiled them too much, and grow the lambs
    too big in the last month here.

    Good luck, eh?


      I know it is only the 26th Kato, but any
      news yet? Come on ewes!!!!!


        Had a set of twins at 10 am and a single at noon. Good start! Both ewes are first timers, and look like they`re going to be really good mothers.

        Twins right off the bat were a surprise. Everyone told us that with first time ewe lambs, you don`t get very many twins. All of my ewes were triplets themselves, so maybe that has something to do with it?


          Right on! I think my first lambs will get a lot of pictures taken of them and a lot of
          kid care. The girl we got our ewe lambs from, which were born of her ewe lambs, were
          all twins. She lambed 12 ewe lambs and had 11 twins and a set of triplets... Our ram
          lamb was one of the triplets.

          I also though ewe lams only have singles generally. So was the twinning ewe visibly
          bigger than the others?

          Good for you! Rams or ewes???


            All rams. The twinning ewe was bigger than the single one was, but I've got more that look more like her than the one who had the single. This is going to be an interesting few weeks! I'm not really hoping for triplets though, especially on the first go round.



              Triplets are nice - but to a first timer they can be a problem. Keep them in the jug a little longer and be prepared to supplement the lambs a bit if required. There will be one that does not do as well.




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